This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Wikimedia Bibliometrics
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Statusunder discussion
Details of the proposal
Project descriptionThis project will enable statistical analysis of citations in Wikimedia projects. How many times a perticular source has been reffered? And for which articles or entries the source was previously cited? Copy cataloguing can also be made possible by suggesting the previous sources, at the moment one adds the citation in a (eg. Wikipedia) entry. Scope: All wikimedia projects mapped with Wikidata. It will be helpful to conduct bibliometric study of the Wikimedia projects. Impact of the works, verifiability across the projects will be enabled using the same.
Is it a multilingual wiki?Language of the Source, as citations has to be as per Style Manual.
Potential number of languagesAs per Source
Proposed taglineCitation across Wikimedia Projects
Technical requirements
New features to requireIf the project requires any new features that the MediaWiki software currently doesn't have, please describe in detail. Are additional MediaWiki extensions needed for the project?
Development wikiCross linking of cited works across all Wikimedia Projects.
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Dattatray Sankpal

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Dattatray Sankpal --Dattatray Sankpal (talk) 15:48, 28 November 2020 (UTC)