Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings/2022-11-24

Online meeting of the Wikibase Community User Group.

Schedule edit

Agenda edit

  • Regular user group / community updates
  • What are you working on around Wikibase?
  • Are there any things you'd like to share or talk about?

Participants edit

  1. Valerie (WMDE)
  2. Deniz (WMDE)
  3. Jon (WMDE)
  4. Laurence 'GreenReaper' Parry (WBUG/
  5. Elwin (maintainer of
  6. James (Wikidata contributor)
  7. dominique
  8. Rdrg109 (Wikidata contribubtor)
  9. Esther (librarian)
  10. Myst ("WikibaseIntegrator" python library maintainer)

Notes edit

What are your wishes for the community in 2023?
  • Past track at WikidataCon - GreenReaper: worked out well in 2021, if stressful!
  • Q&A? Crystallizing support given in the Telegram chat and on the mailing list.
  • Wikibase of the month feature?
Discussion of Wikibase suite vs. [Wikibase.]cloud user bases
  • James using suite to model Wikidata and other larger wikibase in query service
  • Deniz: SW engineer for Wikibase
  • dominique: [couldn't hear - convincing institutional 'customers' to use Wikibase vs Wikidata?]
  • Elwin: From Peru, working in Austria with Wikibase - since 2018 trying to save knowledge graph about language, technology wasn't available so did PhD for graph in the tourist domain, encountered Wikibase cloud in Madrid.
  • Rdrg109: Running Wikibase locally to execute sparql queries knowledge about family and personal documents, personal instance, so looking to learn more and possibly contribute to code
  • GreenReaper: Prototyping on for Furry fandom convention and language data to eventually integrate into existing multilanguage farm with its own Wikibase installation.
  • Esther: Librarian from Kenya, looking to learn and planning to implement it.
What community activities should we have in the future?
  • Registry exists, do more with it? Laurence: Doesn't have clear "ownership" in the sense of moving it forwards.
  • Jon: Going through past communications, how repeatable are problems? Collection of solutions useful?
  • Laurence: Some are clear issues, others are in areas of related topics e.g. OpenRefine. Probably not suitable for storing on a wikibase itself, maybe Q;/A software? Valerie: Maybe a newspaper about bugs/issues? -- GreenReaper: Sort of like the annual report ( ) but more timely. -- Valerie: Maybe a weekly report summarizing the chat? -- GreenReaper: Monthly might be more suitable, not every week has a lot of activity, but monthly makes sense.
  • Jon: Repeated answers could be taken out of chat rather than making new live spaces (though that might makes sense). -- GR: Question would be whether we are using it as an archive or as a separate space to ask questions and answers. -- Valerie: Looking to identify patterns in questions, perhaps on the FAQ pages but more lively. Maybe more sense to have someone dedicated to monitoring chat

Dominique: My expectation is to receive case studies of users of Wikibase, try to suggest to an institution why they should have their own wikibase in one or two years, rather than use Wikidata itself? Need to explain that there may be a need to convert the model for their own institution with examples from larger institutions. Only ones with high experience with data modelling want their own Wikibase, others don't need it unless the data is too big or they want more local control (or better response time over long-distance links). Cycling has links to towns, villages, regions, take advantage of Wikidata so if they migrate data they lose that context. Write a new application with a clear limit to their data. Case studies for writing a new website with Wikibase. Wikidata results of competitions, "who cares about that", it's not the place to put that, but a personal Wikibase may be, for a specialized function with low [something] value - mix between data with value for everyone and data with low value for the wider public. -- Laurence: Definitely good to have Clearer use-cases of all sorts of federation.

Notes after the meeting
Questions after the meeting

Rodrigo: I heard someone mention that some discussion happens in the mailing list. Is there a mailing list for Wikibase? -- GreenReaper: Yes! and also exist. Rodrigo: That mailing list is not mentioned in Mailing lists/Overview. Should I add it? -- Odd, it totally was, in the technical section - maybe that got moved elsewhere? Or perhaps I am thinking of the Telegram group. Sure, you could add it. Rodrigo: Ok! Searching for the following doesn't show any relevant results: insource:"wikibaseug" -intitle:"Wikibase Community User Group" Yes, I see I was thinking of Telegram#MediaWiki and Technical which I edited myself. (Just added Telegram to that.)

Rodrigo: DONE: