Wiki World Heritage User Group/Meeting minutes 20210606

Meeting information


online meeting of the board with the governance advisor, on 06.06.2021 at 13:00 UTC, on Zoom.




  • Membership management
  • Communication channels
  • Evaluation of the by-laws draft



The governance advisor,Shani Evenstein, highlighted good practices in terms of members management and communication, based on her experience in leading two thematic affiliates: Wiki Project Med and Wikipedia & Education User Group.

Membership management

  1. In the beginning of Wikipedia & Education User Group, membership was through signing-up on the Meta page (similar to WWH currently). For Wiki Project Med, which wasa registered non-profit, a google form was created to have the list of members with detailed information. The form was accessible only for 2 people: the chair & the membership admin.
  2. The form of membership request was applied also to Wikipedia & Education User Group to prepare it to grow (to be registered as a non-profit).
    • Membership for 2 years, updated.
    • Membership form allows us to evaluate the UG and track its evolution
    • Email address for membership (sending a welcome email to new registered members + links to communication channels)

Communication channels

  • Creating a Facebook group was helpful for Wikipedia & Education UG.
  • 1.5 hour meeting is a good amount of time (members meetings) : introductions / a portion for updates about the board work / highlighting people’s work / listing important conferences / mailing lists for networking, etc.
  • Meetings are important to foster connections (breakout rooms in meetings to work on specific assignments for instance)


  • More Flexibility: Percentage of members in the quorum instead of the number (25% for instance).


  • Creating a membership request form to reorganize the members list.
  • Discussing the by-laws draft with members in the next meeting and submitting them to vote.
  • Creating a Facebook group for the UG.