Wiki Loves Women/SheSaid Campaign in Botswana 2023

Wiki Loves Women SheSaid Botswana is the main leading page for Wiki Love Women SheSaid Campaign 2023 project in Botswana which is launched as part of Annual grant: The mandate of this campaign is to ensure that Women are also noticed in the digital space. There are a lot of influential women out there who are not known or noticed but they are having a much bigger impact in our African societies. This platform celebrates and recognize women by focusing on enhancing their representation and visibility such through the SheSaid drive on Wikiquote.

The aim of the campaign is to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of notable women who has contributed massively to the growth of our African countries through Wikiquote in collaboration with likely minded organizations and individuals with the same vision of bridging the gender gap on the digital space.

Link to the English portal page: English Wikiquote

Project Team/Organizers


This event is organised by the Wikimedia Community User Group Botswana the drive is aimed at improving the visibility of women by creating new or editing already existing Wikiquote entries.




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Please sign up here, using a hash with 4 tildes (# ~~~~) if you are interested in participating:

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Details of Activities

  • Preparations and planning - October 2023
  • 1st Training Session- 04/11/2023 (in-person)
  • Online Training Session - 10/11/2022
  • 2nd online Session - 23/11/2023
  • Competition End - 30/11/2023

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Please find the RedList here: Shesaid Campaign Botswana Redlist

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First Training Session in Pictures


Online Training in Pictures