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Close wing basking of Kallima inachus Doyere, 1840 – Orange Oakleaf WLB - MG 9525.jpgCaterpillar of Common Rose butterfly - Pachliopta aristolochiae.jpgClose wing position of Lamproptera curius Fabricius, 1787 – White Dragontail Butterflies of Pakke - 17.jpgMating pair of Loxura atymnus Stoll, 1780 - Yamfly WLB.jpgOpen wing position of Papilio crino, Fabricius,1793 – Common Banded Peacock WLB.jpg ­
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Common Name Binominal Name Ventral view Dorsal view
Common Rose Pachiopta aristolochiae(Fibricius)   Done   Done
Redbreast Papilio alcmenor(C. & Rudolf Felder)   Done   Done
Red Helen Papilio helenus (Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Yellow Helen Papilio nephelus (Boisduval)   Done   Done
Common windmill Byasa polyeuctes(Doubleday)   Done
Tailed Jay Graphium agamemnon (Linnaeus)   Done
Common jay Graphium doson(C. & R. Felder)   Done   Done
Common Bluebottle Graphium sarpedon (Fruhstorfer)   Done
Glassy Bluebottle Graphium cloanthus (Westwood)   Done   Done
Blue Mormon Papilio polymnestor(Cramer)   Done
Common Mormon Papilio polytes (Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Great Mormon Papilio memnon(Linnaeus)   Done
Paris Peacock Papilio paris (Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Common Banded Peacock Papilio crino(Fabricius)   Done
Spot Swordtail Graphium nomius (Esper)   Done
Chain Swordtail Graphium aristeus (Stoll)   Done   Done
Five-bar swordtail Graphium antiphates(Cramer)   Done   Done
Fourbar swordtail Graphium agetes(Westwood)   Done
Spangle Papilio protenor (Cramer)   Done   Done
Common Birdwing Troides helena (Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Common lime butterfly Papilio demoleus(Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Common raven Papilio castor(Westwood)   Done
Common mime Papilio clytia(Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Lesser Zebra Graphium macareus(Godart)   Done   Done


Common Name Binominal Name Ventral view Dorsal view
Red-base Jezebel Delias aglaia(Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Red-spot Jezebel Delias descombesi(Boisduval)   Done   Done
Red-breast Jezebel Delias acalis(Godart)   Done
Common Jezebel Delias eucharis(Drury)   Done
Hill Jezebel Delias belladonna(Fabricius)   Done
Yellow Jezebel Delias agostina(Hewitson)   Done
Great Orange-tip Hebomoia glaucippe(Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Chocolate Albatross Appias lyncida(Boisduval)   Done   Done
Western Striped Albatross Appias libythea(Fabricius)   Done
Common Gull Cepora nerissa(Fabricius)   Done
Psyche Leptosia nina(Fabricius)   Done
Spot puffin Appias lalage(Doubleday)   Done
One-spot grass yellow Eurema andersonii(Moore)   Done
Tree yellow Gandaca harina(Horsfield)   Done
Common Grass Yellow Eurema hecabe(Linnaeus)   Done
Indian cabbage white Pieris canidia(Sparrman)   Done
Spotted Sawtooth Prioneris thestylis(Doubleday)   Done
Red-spot sawtooth Prioneris philonome(Boisduval)   Done


Common Name Binominal Name Ventral view Dorsal view
Chocolate pansy Junonia iphita(Cramer)   Done
Grey Pansy Junonia atlites(Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Blue Pansy Junonia orithya(Linnaeus)   Done
Peacock pansy Junonia almana(Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Yellow pansy Junonia hierta(Fabricius)   Done   Done
Lemon pansy Junonia lemonias(Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Plain Tiger Danaus chrysippus(Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Striped/Common Tiger Danaus genutia(Cramer)   Done   Done
Blue Tiger Tirumala limniace(Cramer)   Done   Done
Chestnut Tiger Parantica sita(Kollar)   Done   Done
Glassy Tiger Parantica aglea(Stoll)   Done
Chocolate Tiger Parantica melaneus(Cramer)   Done
Dark blue tiger Tirumala septentrionis(Butler)   Done   Done
Common crow Euploea core(Cramer)   Done   Done
Double-branded crow Euploea sylvester(Fabricius)   Done
Striped blue crow Euploea mulciber(Cramer)   Done
Magpie crow Euploea radamanthus(Fabricius)   Done
Brown king crow Euploea klugii(Moore)   Done   Done
Great Eggfly Hypolimnas bolina(Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Tawny Rajah Charaxes bernardus(Fabricius)   Done   Done
Yellow Rajah Charaxes marmax (Westwood)   Done   Done
Black rajah Charaxes solon(Fabricius)   Done   Done
Pallid nawab Charaxes arja(C. Felder & R. Felder)   Done
Great nawab Polyura eudamippus(Doubleday)   Done   Done
Circe Hestinalis nama(Doubleday)   Done   Done
Vagrant Vagrans egista(Cramer)   Done   Done
Common Map Cyrestis thyodamas(Boisduval)   Done   Done
Common yeoman Cirrochroa tyche(Felder & Felder)   Done   Done
Large Yeoman Cirrochroa aoris(Doubleday)   Done   Done
Indian Red Admiral Vanessa indica(Herbst)   Done   Done
White commodore Parasarpa dudu(Doubleday)   Done   Done
Knight Lebadea martha(Fabricius)   Done
Tawny Coster Acraea violae(Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Common Leopard Phalanta phalantha(Drury)   Done   Done
Gaudy baron Euthalia lubentina(Cramer)   Done
Baronet Symphaedra nais(Forster)   Done
White-edged Blue Baron Euthalia phemius (Doubleday)   Done
Black Prince Rohana parisatis(Westwood)   Done   Done
Popinjay Stibochiona nicea(Gray)   Done   Done
Orange oakleaf Kallima inachus(Doyère)   Done   Done
Autumn Leaf Doleschallia bisaltide(Cramer)   Done   Done
Indian Purple Emperor Mimathyma ambica(Kollar)   Done   Done
Angled Castor Ariadne ariadne(Linnaeus)   Done   Done
Common castor Ariadne merione(Cramer)   Done
Red Lacewing Cethosia biblis(Drury)   Done   Done
Leopard Lacewing Cethosia cyane(Drury)   Done
Cruiser Vindula erota(Fabricius)   Done   Done
Plain Earl Tanaecia jahnu(Moore)   Done   Done
Common earl Tanaecia julii(Lesson)   Done   Done
Indian tortoiseshell Aglais caschmirensis(Kollar)   Done
Indian fritillary Argynnis hyperbius(Linnaeus)   Done
Common Lascar Pantoporia hordonia(Stoll)   Done   Done
Yellowjack Sailer Lasippa viraja(Moore)   Done   Done
Spotted Sailer Neptis magadha(Felder & Felder)   Done
Pale Green Sailer Neptis zaida(Doubleday)   Done
Orange staff sergeant Athyma cama(Moore)   Done
Tabby Pseudergolis wedah (Kollar)   Done
Jezebel Palmfly Elymnias Vasudeva(Moore)   Done
Common palmfly Elymnias hypermnestra(Linnaeus)   Done
Spotted palmfly Elymnias malelas(Hewitson)   Done
Common Evening Brown Melanitis leda(Linnaeus)   Done
White-line Bushbrown Telinga malsara(Moore)   Done   Done
Common jester Symbrenthia lilaea(Hewitson)   Done
Commodore Auzakia danava(Moore)   Done   Done
Angled Red Forester Lethe chandica(Moore)   Done
Common Four-ring Ypthima huebneri (Kirby)   Done


Common Name Binominal Name Ventral view Dorsal view
Purple Sapphire Heliophorus epicles(Godart)   Done   Done
Common Quaker Neopithecops zalmora(Butler)   Done
Monkey puzzle Rathinda amor(Fabricius)   Done
Common gem Poritia hewitsoni(Moore)   Done   Done
Elbowed Pierrot Pycnophallium elna(Hewitson)   Done
Red Pierrot Talicada nyseus(Guerin)   Done
Common Pierrot Castalius rosimon(Fabricius)   Done   Done
Common silverline Spindasis vulcanus(Fabricius)   Done   Done
Club Silverline Spindasis syama(Horsfield)   Done
Scarce Shot Silverline Spindasis elima(Moore)   Done
Chocolate Royal Remelana jangala(Horsfield)   Done
Silver Royal Ancema blanka(de Nicéville)   Done
Plains cupid Chilades pandava(Horsfield)   Done   Done
Indian Cupid Everes lacturnus(Godart)   Done
Copper Flash Rapala pheretima(Hewitson)   Done
Common Tit Hypolycaena erylus(Godart)   Done
Orchid tit Chliaria othona(Hewitson)   Done
Fluffy tit Zeltus amasa(Hewitson)   Done   Done
Scarce Silverstreak Blue Iraota rochana(Horsfield)   Done   Done
Pale grass blue Pseudozizeeria maha(Kollar)   Done
Dark grass blue Zizeeria karsandra(Moore)   Done   Done
Lesser grass blue Zizina otis(Fabricius)   Done
Common hedge blue Acytolepis puspa(Horsfield)   Done
Common Ciliate blue Anthene emolus(Godart)   Done
Common acacia blue Surendra quercetorum(Moore)   Done
gram blue Euchrysops cnejus(Fabricius)   Done   Done
zebra blue Leptotes plinius(Fabricius)   Done
Indian sunbeam Curetis thetis(Drury)
Acute Sunbeam Curetis acuta(Moore)   Done
Bright sunbeam Curetis bulis(Westwood)   Done   Done
Yamfly Loxura atymnus(Cramer)   Done
Creon (butterfly) Creon cleobis(Godart)   Done
Tailless lineblue Prosotas dubiosa(Semper)   Done
Common Lineblue Prosotas nora(Felder)
Aberrant Oakblue Arhopala abseus(Hewitson)   Done
Centaur Oakblue Arhopala centaurus(Fabricius)   Done
Dark broken-band Oakblue Arhopala atrax(Hewitson)
Forget-me-not Catochrysops strabo(Fabricius)
Silver Forget-me-not Catochrysops panormus(C. Felder)   Done   Done
Variegated Plushblue Flos adriana(de Nicéville)   Done
Spangled Plushblue Flos asoka(de Nicéville)   Done
Common cerulean Jamides celeno(Cramer)   Done
Dark cerulean Jamides bochus(Stoll)   Done   Done
Common tinsel Catapaecilma elegans(Druce)   Done
Blue imperial Ticherra acte(Moore)   Done
Common imperial Cheritra freja(Fabricius)   Done


Common Name Binominal Name Ventral view Dorsal view
Punchinello Zemeros flegyas (Guerin)   Done   Done
Double-banded Judy Abisara bifasciata (Moore)   Done   Done
Dark Judy Abisara fylla (Westwood)   Done
Lesser Punch Dodona dipoea(Hewitson)   Done
Orange Punch Dodona egeon(Westwood)   Done   Done


Common Name Binominal Name Ventral view Dorsal view
Chestnut Bob Iambrix salsala (Moore)   Done
Black-tufted Bob Arnetta atkinsoni((Moore)   Done   Done
Oriental Palm Bob Suastus gremius(Fabricius)   Done
Himalayan Snow Flat Seseria dohertyi (Watson)   Done
Notched Seseria Seseria sambara(Moore)   Done
Common Snow Flat Tagiades japetus (Stoll)   Done
Restricted Spotted Flat Celaenorrhinus putra (Moore)   Done
Dusky Yellow-breast Flat Gerosis phisara (Moore)   Done
Yellow flat Mooreana trichoneura(C. & R. Felder)   Done
Golden angle Caprona ransonnettii(Felder)   Done   Done
Tawny Angle Ctenoptilum vasava(Moore)   Done
Grass Demon Udaspes folus(Cramer)   Done
Chocolate demon Ancistroides nigrita(Latreille)   Done   Done
Tiger Hopper Ochus subvittatus (Moore)   Done
Dark Palm-Dart Telicota bambusae(Moore)   Done
Pale Palm-Dart Telicota colon(Fabricius)   Done
Indian Grizzled Skipper Spialia galba(Fabricius)   Done
Orangetail Awl Bibasis sena(Moore)   Done
Brown Awl Badamia exclamationis(Fabricius)   Done
Beavan's swift Pseudoborbo bevani(Moore)   Done   Done
Common Branded Redeye Matapa aria (Moore)   Done