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Wiki Loves Africa 2021 – Health and Wellness
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Pre ContestEdit

The organisational tasks for the International Organising Committee (IOC) for Wiki Loves Africa is outlined below.

On-Wiki Comms and Organisational elementsEdit

Activity When Volunteers Link
Setting up, and updating all Commons pages in English (the most important ones in French as well) Dec English only: Islahaddow c:Commons:Wiki_Loves_Africa_2021

(main page, local events, FAQ, partners, team etc.).

Set up of Meta pages to support organisers Dec Anthere, Aboubacarkhoraa ?? Wiki Loves Africa 2021
Creation of theme page Jan Islahaddow
Call for translation of Wiki pages in:
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • local languages:
Jan Summering2018 (ar) ?? et Aboubacarkhoraa (fr) ??
Set up of the banner system/site notice Jan Romaine
Upload wizard tunnel with category architecture Jan Romaine
Clean up and improvement of documentation pages (the ones that explain "how to do this" or "where to go to do that") Jan Anthere
Facilitate setting up an international organisational team (description of all necessary roles and call for participation to team) Jan Isla, Anthere
Call local teams to make their funding request (rapid grant) in December. Nov Anthere
Support to local teams when needed for rapid grants. Nov Anthere


Communications channels and material

Activity When Volunteers Link
website text and updating Jan Islahaddow (English)
Design briefing, facilitation and management Jan Islahaddow (English)
Creation of call leaflet and poster text Jan Islahaddow (English)
Video creation Jan Islahaddow (English)
Launch press release creation, translation and dissemination via the mailing list and other platforms Jan Islahaddow (English)
Press release template created and shared with WM teams Jan Islahaddow (English)
Dissemination of all materials across all digital platforms Jan Aboubacarkhoraa ??
Share all elements with all local volunteer teams Jan Aboubacarkhoraa ??
Launch press release dissemination and liaison with WM community blogs Jan Islahaddow (English)
Elements that need to be developed (and translated):
  • call leaflet
  • call posters
  • event templates
  • social media branding
  • a contest video
  • theme press release
  • press release template
  • pre-contest social media headers/cover images
  • branded merchandise (t-shirt, caps, etc.)
Dec Islahaddow (English)

+ designer

During the contestEdit

On-Wiki Comms and Organisational elementsEdit

Activity When Volunteers Link and comments
Image monitoring: fixing category/description/Reuse Feb-March-April-May user:Ji-Elle ?? Summering2018 ?? user:GuillaumeG
Image monitoring: copyvios, watermarks, etc. Feb-March User:T Cells ?? Summering2018 ??
Image monitoring: feeding a best images category to help communicators February-March Summering2018 ??
Image monitoring: If we do photo stories (as in 2017), track and display them properly March
Jury selection: Selecting, approaching and onboarding jurors March Summering2018 ??
Jury selection: Introducing Jurors to organising team end-March
Tracking data : Mass messages to former participants during the contest Feb-March Romaine (only the sending, not writing) and Florence
Tracking data : Mailing list management Feb-March User:T Cells ??
Connect : Telegram account management Feb-March Anthere, Isla
Connect : Answering questions of ‘’confused’’ people : usually mostly on facebook account and on the wiki Feb-March User:T Cells ??
Tracking data :  Tracking local events organized in the countries Feb-March


Activity When Volunteers Link
Pre-contest: social media campaign strategy (coordination across all channels) Jan
Pre-contest: social media message creation, translation and scheduling Jan
Launch press releases sent out locally 1st Feb Islahaddow (english)
Social media posting (translating)
  • Facebook person per major language
  • Twitter person
  • Instagram person
1st Feb-15th March Summering2018 ?? Aboubacarkhoraa ??
Social media and mailing list responses
  • Facebook person per major language
  • Twitter person
  • Instagram person
1st Feb-15th March
Social media re-posting from teams onto main WLA channels 1st Feb-15th March Aboubacarkhoraa ??
Monitor and announcements on WLA telegram channel 1st Feb-15th March Islahaddow (English) ??

Post contestEdit

On-Wiki Comms and Organisational elementsEdit

Activity When Volunteers Link
Jury process: Setting up and facilitating use of Montage or other jury selection platform
  • Liaising local teams for selection of final round of images
  • Incorporating local teams for the selection of final round of images into larger non-selected batches
  • Communicating selection criteria and process
  • Keeping jurors to timeline - 3-4 rounds
  • Winners contact details checked and communicated to IOC
  • Shortlist uploaded to Best Images page for 2020
Prize organisation
  • Communication with prize winners
  • Certificates design and printing
  • Prizes selection, creation/ordering and postage
May-June Summering2018 ??
Tracking data :
  • images views, number of participants, new participants, image reuse, evolution over time etc.
  • pulling clear data for communication and reporting. Perhaps graphics
Post communication material :
  • creation of the final poster
  • creation of photo exhibition
March-June Islahaddow (English)


Activity When Volunteers Link
Interviews with prize winners for the press release and blog posts May-June Islahaddow (English)
Dissemination of final poster May-June Islahaddow (English)
Winners social media announcements (translated) May-June
Winners press release and dissemination May-June
Winners posts on WM blogs and Wiki Spaces May-June
Plan for and run an ISA MetaData weeks contest for WLA 2021 entries July-Aug
Set up a photo exhibition (details to be discussed) July-Sept


  • December 2020 :
    • Announce theme
    • Pre-contest communications start
    • Theme press release launched
    • Social media strategy created
    • Pre-contest on-wiki elements created and updated
  • January 2021:
    • Social media campaign starts: 20 Jan – 3 times per week (over three weeks) across all platforms
    • Pre-contest on-wiki elements created and updated and finalised
    • Comms elements prepared and shared with WM teams
  • February 2021:
    • Launch press release and call-to-action posts
    • 15th February - contest begins
    • Contest comms and social media active
    • Image and category monitoring
    • Social media message
    • Mid-point press release (if needed)
    • Jurors approached
  • March 2021:
    • Jury process set up
  • April 2021:
    • deadline : until 30th April
    • Jury vetting set up on the global jury selection platform
    • Local jury process begins
    • Final round of local juries incorporated into the global jury selection platform
    • Jury process starts
    • tatistics tracked, assessed and shared
  • July 2021
    • International Winners selected and announced
    • International Winners Press release and blogs are written, translated and disseminated


Here are a few nice to haves, if anyone is interested!!

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