Wiki List Tool

This is a spreadsheet tool that uses google app script to collect information about Wikipedia article quality and completeness.

Here is an example of a Google Sheet that uses Mediawiki API calls in cool ways. More to come!

The google spreadsheet has associated functions that know how to reach into the ORES data and into Wikidata to make inferences about the article's quality. Those functions are in google-space, not in Wikimedia space. Working together we can document these, industrialize them for broader use, and use them for other projects.

Among the functions:

 function WIKIREVID(article)             Given a Wikipedia article, get the latest revid, as this is used for ORES
 function WIKIORES(revid, targetwiki)    Given a revid, calculate the ORES score using the wp10, article quality rating
 function WIKIDATADESC(qid, opt_targetLanguages)