Wiki Zimbabwe is a dedicated group of Wikipedia editors whose goal is to improve the quality and coverage of Zimbabwe and worldwide related topics on Wikipedia. It aims to promote knowledge creation and access on Wikipedia. Members of Wiki Zimbabwe work together to assess articles, clean up existing content, tag relevant articles with project templates, create new pages, and invite more users to join the project. The scope of Wiki Zimbabwe includes various aspects of Zimbabwe such as its history, culture, geography, politics, and notable figures. The project strives to enhance the quality and coverage of these topics on Wikipedia through the collaborative efforts of its members.



Wiki Zimbabwe is a new group of volunteers working together since 2021 to get content about Zimbabwe onto Wikipedia. The Group of volunteers has people from around Zimbabwe and from different sectors although most of them are librarians. The group did a course together by Wikipedia in African Libraries. The course was meant to equip African librarians with the requisite skills to evaluate the quality and reliability of individual articles, edit and create content of local and personal interest on Wikipedia and sister projects with laid down benchmarks for quality and relevance.

We share the idea of a world like many countries in which every single human being can freely share knowledge, and here in Zimbabwe we shall play a key role in actualization of that vision. We aim to achieve this by hosting several projects and events such as: edit-a-thons, GLAMs, Wikipedia Education programs, and other Wikimedia projects, which aim to promote Wikimedia projects in Zimbabwe and the content of the nation online.


  • Our primary objective is to promote free access to knowledge through Wikipedia and other sister projects run by the Wikimedia Foundation. We are committed to the development, growth, and free distribution of educational content in Zimbabwe.
  • We empower people to contribute to Wikipedia and other sister projects to ensure that knowledge is freely accessible and most of all the content about Zimbabwe.
  • Most of all, we desire to make our efforts into making major local languages Shona and Ndebele to be visible in the Wiki space then followed by the other 16 official languages that are now examined in the country's examination board ZIMSEC.



Wiki Zimbabwe has been involved and participated in the following projects

Project Name Project Link Dashboard Other Links
SheSaid Matabeleland Wiki Loves Women Matabeleland SheSaid Matebeleland Zimbabwe
She Said Mashonaland Wiki Loves Women/Focus Group/SheSaid Zimbabwe-Mashonaland Newspaper Article
Wiki Loves Monuments Wiki Loves Monuments
Wiki Loves Women Focus Group
Wiki Loves Africa 2022 Landing page Newspaper Report
AfroCuration Zimbabwe Dashboard link
How to Contribute from Zimbabwe How to Contribute to Wikimedia from Zimbabwe Newspaper report
Climate Awareness in Zimbabwe Climate Change Awareness Campaign in Zimbabwe Climate change Report
1Lib 1 Ref
Wiki Loves Africa 2024 Zimbabwe Venturing Wide Link to Dashboad [ Newsletter IFLA Sunday News






  • 2023 WikiIndaba in Morocco one of the volunteers Sichelesile received scholarship to attend the conference in person.