WikiIndaba conference 2018/Program/Wiki Loves Africa, now and beyond

Logo WikiIndaba colors ID : WLA Wiki Loves Africa, now and beyond
Speakers : Isla Haddow-Flood and Florence Devouard (Wiki in Africa, South Africa and France) Time block: saturday-afternoon Start : 17:00
Location : Great room Duration : 30 min.
Description :

We propose three elements associated to Wiki Loves Africa this year

  1. An exhibition of winning pictures for Wiki Loves Africa 2017 !!!
  2. A panel to discuss WLA
  3. A workshop featuring "teaching tools and integration of WLA images associated to WLA" (see WikiIndaba conference 2018/Submissions/Wiki Loves Africa Workshop)

This proposal is about the panel :

  • a 5 min presentation of this year results, participating teams, success of the photo-stories, and other high-lights,
  • immediately followed by a relaxed discussion (roundtable ?) over the future of Wiki Loves Africa (pretty much as was done last year... a bunch of chairs, a paperboard, some pens, a note taker...
Themes : WikiCulture & Community
Tags : Wiki Loves Africa, African cultures
Notes : #WikiIndaba18_WLA