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WikiGap Challenge

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WikiGap Challenge took place from 8 March to 8 April. It was organized by Wikimedia Sverige, with support from the UN Human Rights. This page collects the top results and interesting statistics. For all details, visit this page.

General results

General outcome

  • 81 competitors with actual edits (97 signed up)
  • 2,940 articles created or improved.
  • Edits made in 27 languages.

Human Rights articles

  • There are 29 women in the lists.
  • 337 articles have been created about these women.
  • The articles have in total been created in 30 different languages.
  • The article about Yelena Grigoryeva is available in the highest amount of languages, 18 languages.
  • Mitzi Jonelle Tan has the largest total size among all languages, with 192,236 bytes (192kb).
  • The largest individual article is the article about Mitzi Jonelle Tan in Ukrainian.

Final Top 10, Most Points

  1. Tuga1143, 887 points. 429 articles created or improved, in Portuguese
  2. Kunokuno, 649 points. 310 articles created or improved, in Bikol Central and Tagalog.
  3. Kushared, 641 points. 325 articles created or improved, in Sorani.
  4. Elisardojm, 440 points. 195 articles created, in Spanish and Galician.
  5. Андрій Гриценко, 304 points. 142 articles created, in Ukrainian.
  6. lxlalexlxl, 200 points. 99 articles created, in Ukrainian.
  7. Armineaghayan, 151 points. 67 articles created, in Armenian.
  8. Anon423, 137 points. 70 articles created, in English.
  9. Дми88, 131 points. 68 articles created, in Ukrainian.
  10. Mr.Rosewater, 130 points. 69 articles created, in Ukrainian.

Best Article

The jury, consisting of five experienced Wikipedians from various Wikipedia language versions, commonly decided to award the prize for best article to two entries. Their decision was based on the structure, content, layout, suitability of images, amount of red links.

  1. The Sorani language version of Frida Kahlo, by Kushared
  2. The Armenian language version of Vera Kholodnaya, by Armineaghayan.
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