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With the support from Kiwix!
With the support from Kiwix!

The prizes for WikiGap Challenge 2021 are supported by Kiwix, a project that brings internet contents to people without internet access. The rest of the prizes are awarded by Wikimedia Sverige. The prizes will be announced as soon as possible. The certificates are awarded by the UN Human Rights Office.

Prizes for most points
  • 1st: The winner gets to name a Kiwix server, and will receive a Wikipedia hotspot.[1] The winner will also receive a certificate from UN Human Rights.
  • 2nd-3rd: Will receive one Wikipedia hotspot each.
  • 4th-10th: Will receive Wikipedia pencil, Wikipedia pin and Wikipedia decals.
Prix du meilleur article
  • The winner will receive a certificate from UN Human Rights.
Détails du concours
Liste des articles
  1. We will send you a small device that creates a local area network, a hotspot. People can connect to your Wikipedia hotspot (like they connect to any wifi) and access all of the content on Wikipedia and a selected amount of other educational material, without actually being online. This is very valuable and useful if the cost of Internet is high in your area or if you are in an area with poor Internet connectivity.