WikiGap 2019 Hong Kong

Time 時間: 8.3.2018 (Fri 五) 18:00 − 21:00

Venue 地點: Consulate General Of Sweden In Hong Kong

Room 2501, 25/F, BEA Harbour View Centre, 56 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

請聯絡 Contact: Telegram: @springrollconan / @theonly23333

We will join hands with the Swedish Consulate General in Hong Kong to present a WikiGap Campaign. We will hold an offline event on Friday, 8th March to improve or create articles about women and LGBTQ+ in English, Chinese and Cantonese Wikipedia. For those who can't come, you are welcome to participate in the WikiGap challenge - a month-long initiative which more or less serves the same purpose. Let us close the gender gap!

You're strongly advised to create an account beforehand and bring your own laptop to the event.

Procedure 流程Edit

Before the event 活動之前
  • Please think of a prominent woman or LGBTQ+ figure who deserves an entry in English/Chinese/Cantonese Wikipedia. Then check if they already have an article there. If not, list them below. Articles with a tick has been created before.
English 中文 粵文
Example: Audrey Tang  Y 唐鳳  Y 唐鳳
  • Upon deciding on what you are going to write, we suggest preparing sources before the event. Finding materials only during the occasion will hamper efficiency. (Though, you can think of a woman / LGBTQ+ figure beforehand and translate his/her biography on that day to get rid of the problem.)
During the event 活動期間
Time 時間 Session 環節
6:00 pm Wikipedia accounts setup and user support 帳號註冊及解難
6:30 pm An introduction of Wikipedia editing 新手教學
7:30 pm Time for an experimental article 條目寫作實驗時間
8:00 pm Editing Session 編輯時間

If you have not created a Wikimedia account before joining the event, there will be staff available to create one for you.

Directions 到達方法Edit

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  • MTR: The nearest MTR station is Wan Chai, served by Island Line. Leave the station at Exit A1 and go straight. Cross the road, go straight and turn left at the second next junction. Walk for around 2 minutes and here you are.


  • Bus 巴士: The venue is served by various bus routes in the area.
    • From Hong Kong Island 港島巴士: 1, 2, 5B, 5X, 11, 18, 18P, 18X, 23, 23B, 25, 26, 37A, 40, 40M, 70, 70A, 70P, 75, 90, 97, 260, 511, 590, 720, 720A, 722, 780, 788, 789
    • Cross-harbour services 過海巴士: 101, 103, 104, 111, 111P, 115, 182, 182X, 307, 307A, 307B, 307C, 601, 601P, 603, 603P, 619, 619P, 619X, 641, 673, 680, 680X, 681, 681P, 690, 690P, 905, 914, 930, 930A, 930X, 948, 960, 961, 962, 962B, 962X, 968, 969, 978, 980A, 980X, 981P, 982X, 985
    • From Tung Chung and Airport 機場巴士(經東涌): A11, E11, E11A
  • Minibus 小巴: 10, 31

Sign up 留名Edit

Attending 出席Edit

Add your name to this list if you can make it to the event. Note that people of all ages and all Wikimedia projects are welcome!

Holok Chen (Station for Open Cultures)

Maybe Attending 可能出席Edit

Not Attending 未能出席Edit

  1. Glenn Li
  2. Chelsea Jiang
  3. Dora Man-HiuKwan
  4. Alison Lui-TszYung

Attendees 與會者Edit

Agenda 聚會內容Edit

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中文/In Chinese:

英文/In English:

Discussion 討論區Edit

Feedback 活動後的回應Edit

  • I think that this event is a failure. Tricia told me that they only receive a handful feedbacks from Facebook (maybe it is too hurry), and the site notice in Chinese Wikipedia did not work as some of our admins are opposing the usage of full-color banners, which hampered our ability to spread the word out. The Facebook pages of both the user group and the consulate can't reach out to many people (if compared to AAA, they have 10,000 followers). To make the matter worse, it rains on that day. Both TYC and WhisperToMe thought that it is still productive (as above), but that went against our original intention - no one besides veteran editors and consulates staffs come, and we can't do a lot of teaching and editing. My apologies, --Spring Roll Conan ( Teahouse | Contributions ) 10:07, 10 March 2019 (UTC)