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#WikiForHumanRights 2023: Right to a healthy environment

Join The ChallengeEdit

Watch the WikiForHumanRights 2022 Campaign Video

Welcome to the #WikiForHumanRights Global challenge on the "Right to the healthy environment"! It is part of the larger #WikiForHumanRights campaign.

About: The 2023 global writing contest focuses on creating and improving existing articles on Wikipedia related to human rights and topics related to one of the most pressing environmental crises: pollution and exposure to toxics. You can see the list of priority topics here

Duration: The International writing challenge will run from; 00:01 on 17th April until 23:59 on 17th May 2023 (UTC).

How you can contributeEdit

  1. Create a section below with your user name.
  2. Edit Wikimedia projects about topics in scope, such as:
    • Creating New Articles
    • Translate an existing article related to the topic on your local language Wikipedia
    • Improve an existing article by adding a section or citations
  3. Save the changes on your wiki with the #WikiForHumanRights hashtag in the edit summary
  4. Report the results in the #Participants section below.

What is in scope?Edit

We encourage you to write on Wikimedia projects about

  • Environmental defenders
  • Legal systems or treaties about human rights and environmental rights
  • Communities advocating for the protection of their environment
  • Health or social consequences of communities denied access to a healthy environment
  • Topics that connect the triple planetary crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution to the human impacts
  • Other topics connected with the right to a healthy environment

You can check the article suggestion list here. You might also find inspiration from our WikiForHumanRights/Resources page.

There are other campaigns this year, for specific language Wikipedias including English, French, Arabic and Spanish. For more information see the the Community Events Page

Rules and awardsEdit

All contestants are free to work on any in scope topic of their choice irrespective of the country or language. The articles must include a significant contribution to win points (see below Scoring System) and be reported below (see #Participants section). All articles must be contributed to between 00:01 on 17th April until 23:59 on 17th May 2023 (UTC) and submitted for points before 17 May 2023 at 23:59 UTC. For further terms for the challenge, see the Wikimedia General Contest Rules. We will review the points and contributions of winners for compliance with the point system below, and that they meet the quality standards of the community.

  • The top 10 contributors will get a certificate for participation from UN Human Rights and the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Other prizes include:
    • 1st place -- $150 of goods from the Wikimedia Store
    • 2nd place -- $100 of goods from the Wikimedia Store
    • 3rd place -- $80 of goods from the Wikimedia Store
    • Next 3 top contributors in non-UN languages receive $50 in goods from the Wikimedia Store each.

Scoring systemEdit

The following rules will be applied to scoring contributions.

Wikipedia articles

  • 1 point: for adding 2000 bytes of additional content added to an article that includes at least one reference (can only apply this point once per article)
  • +1 points: If you created a new article by translation from another language with at least 3 independent sources or are creating a new article without translation with at least 2000 bytes and at least 3 independent sources
  • +1 bonus point for creating or translating an article from the topic list


  • 1/2 point: Expanding a WikiData item with two referenced statements in scope for the topic (once per Wikidata item)
  • 1 point for adding translation of item name and description to 5 Wikidata items in scope of the campaign in your language

There are no bonus points for Wikidata this year

Need helpEdit

If you need help on how to participate you can email us at or on the talk page. You can also ask questions in the Telegram group:


Need help adding your name to the global contest participants? Watch the adjacent video


Create a subheading with your user name below with a link to your home language user page on the Contributors Subpage.

After that, check out the article list and start creating. You can also improve pages in any language, come back here and add a link to each page you edit under your name. Count the score from the contribution using point system above.

Please add the hashtag #WikiForHumanRights in your edit summary, to make it easy for us to find your contributions.


  • Improved ARTICLE NAME -- 1 point
  • Translated ARTICLE NAME from the list – 2 points + 1 Bonus Point
  • Added translations to 5 Wikidata items - 1 point

Edit your points

Add your name in a new section and edit your points on this subpage

Contributors and contributionsEdit