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#WikiForHumanRights 2023: Right to a healthy environment

Social media

It is invigorating to get support for the #WikiForHumanRights Campaign. Feel free to share how you are participating in the campaign in your country! We would love your support in whichever way possible. Here are a few different ways you can do precisely that: Watch out for our Twitter handle and offer our posts. Every share counts.

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Sample posts

Hash Tags

Please consolidate the campaign around the main campaign hashtag:

  • #WikiForHumanRights

There are some local language versions of the hashtag i.e.:

  • #WikiporlosDerechosHumanos for Spanish

Non-Wikimedia hashtags

  • #RightToahealthyEnvironment
  • #EarthDay
  • #EarthMonth

Wiki For Human Right communication kits

Please use this slide deck template and adapt for your community events. It also contains a mini tutorial on the steps in adapting the slide deck.

Please use this T-Shirt design for your community events.

Request for media for 2023 Video

At the end of campaign we want to produce an easy to consume-voice of the participants, summary of what kind of impact that we had as a result of the campaign.

Timeline -- we need to have video from events and participants by 2-3 weeks before the end of June.

Our goal is to collect multimedia that represents the gender- and geographically- diverse communities that participate in the campaign. Please submit 2-4 minute videos that we can edit into a much shorter “impact” video at the end of the campaign.

Please upload media to where you find it comfortable and submit media to campaigns wikimedia org


When creating videos or multimedia consider the following prompts:

  • Questions for editors and organizers:
    1. What did you contribute as part of the campaign?
    2. Why were you inspired to contribute to the campaign activities?
    3. What impact does open knowledge have on environmental or human rights issues in your context?
    4. What was exciting about this year’s edition of the WikiForHumanRights Campaign?
  • For Regional Coordinators -- create a video of you in a natural space, where you record the following:
    1. How did you work with the regional communities in your context?
    2. Why is it important for the Wikimedia movement to respond to the topics that your communities focused on in your context?
    3. How did the campaign either advance collaboration or capacity building in your region?
    4. What was exciting about this year’s edition of the WikiForHumanRights Campaign?
  • For Organizers -- we also would appreciate recordings or photography of participants in activities during the campaign:
    1. Show participants “live” in events, whether as a screenshot of digital meetings or recording of a digital meeting
    2. Show participants in person, contributing to Wikimedia topics or conferring with each other on how to improve Wikimedia projects
    3. Show a celebration of successful contributions at your event.

Each event can submit up to two videos. Videos should be recorded in whatever language you are comfortable in. If it is a local or regional language that is hard to find translators for, please provide a transcript or captions with the video. For more widely supported international languages (i.e. French, Arabic, and Spanish) we do not need transcripts when submitting.