Thank you for joining #WikiForHumanRights! Celebrate Human Rights by making human rights knowledge available for the world!

"To claim your rights, you need to know your rights"
Celebrate the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
by strengthening the factual coverage of human rights on Wikipedia!

We need your help organizing Wikimedia Activities in your context! We have two kinds of activities: running on-wiki campaigns in your language, or running editathons!

Want to help in another way? Let us know by emailing: Alex Stinson and Luisina Ferrante

Host an On-Wiki Campaign

International campaigns work best when local communities organize contribution in their local wiki in the way they know how! We need your help building a #WikiForHumanRights event in your local wiki.


Create a Homepage for the event on your Wiki (consider formatting it with your localized WAM template)

Create a page on your local wiki for letting people sign up and report their contributions. We recommend including:

  • A brief explanation for the campaign
  • A Way for People to Sign Up
  • A Place to report work that they did as part of the campaign

Include the Wiki Human Rights topic list in your community by using the Listeria Bot templates described on the list page.

The campaign is focused on the Core Topic list and Youth Topic Lists. However, if your community wants to create Human Rights topics in general please do! If you let people add their own topics, collect that list of topics on the event page.

We invite you to think about ways of overlapping with other campaigns (Wikipedia Asian Month 2019 or 1Lib1Ref), WikiProjects or programs. Please report the event pages in the table as well!

Let us know by reporting your event by adding it to the On Wiki Table of Events. Please try to fill out as many fields as possible.
Create a Programs and Events Reporting Page

Create a Programs and Events Dashboard event as part of the WikiForHumanRights Campaign. Make sure to pick an "Article Scoped Program".

To track contributions to the list of topics follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to the articles tab within the event you just created.
  2. Click on Add Petscan ID
  3. In another browser, Modify a Petscan Query:
    1. Go to Petscan ID 13015247
    2. In the Use Wiki section, pick your language Wikipedia in the last radio button and adding "enwiki" or similar.
    3. Click the "Do it!" button
    4. Copy the Petscan ID
  4. In the Programs and Events Dashboard, paste the PSID and click "Add this PSID"
  5. Add individuals who participate in your event to the campaign event, so we can track their participation and edits.

The Programs and Events dashboard will now track all edits to pages that are part of the Wikidata driven list for the event.

If your community works on other topics in your language: please report them by adding them to a list on the event page and adding them to the programs and events dashboard event. Add a link to the event page list and the Programs and Events to the table below and we will be able to track participation in your event.

Encourage your local community to participate.

Consider using notices, contacting village pumps, social media, mailing lists and other tools that you usually use to invite people!

We recommend running a Mediawiki:Sitenotice on your local language Wikipedia. For example, on Armenian Wikipedia or on Macedonian Wikipedia.

We have created communications resources at the Share subpage for the campaign.

Let us know about your On-Wiki Event


This is a list of on-wiki campaigns for WikiForHumanRights. To create a campaign page, learn more at WikiForHumanRights/Organize.

Please sign up on the local event page to let us know that you are participating!

To add your event to the list edit this page

Wikimedia Project Event Page On-Wiki with List Coordinator Programs and Events Dashboard Event
French Wiktionary Projet:Humanisme User:Noé
Armenian Wikipedia Վիքիպեդիա:Վիքին հանուն մարդու իրավունքների User:Armineaghayan Dashboard report
Italian Wikipedia WikiForHumanRights 2019 Edit-a-thon Camelia Boban Dashboard report
Wikipedia in portuguese WikiForHumanRights 2019 Rukasuoribera Dashboard report
Spanish Wikipedia WikiForHumanRights 2019 Luisina Ferrante (WMAR) Dashboard report
Macedonian Wikipedia WikiForHumanRights Kiril Simeonovski Dashboard report
English Wikipedia Women in Red Focus on Activists RosieStep
Punjabi Wikipedia WikiForHumanRights Jagseer S Sidhu Dashboard report
Bengali Wikipedia WikiForHumanRights Ankan Ghosh Dastider
Wikidata WikiForHumanRights Rajeeb Dashboard report
Swedish Wikipedia WikiForHumanRights Audrey Lebioda, Nationalmuseum Dashboard report
Finnish Wikipedia WikiForHumanRights Susanna Ånäs
Serbian Wikipedia WikiForHumanRights Ivana Madžarević, Mickey Mystique
Swahili Wikipedia WikiForHumanRights 2019 Jadnapac [1]
Portuguese Wikipedia Editatonas WikiForHumanRights EAzzellini (WMB) [2] [3] [4]

Host an Editathon


Identify if you want to run a human rights editathon as part of the campaign. If you are a Wikimedia organizer, make sure to discuss with your local partners and decide the venue and location.

If you do not know how to run an editathon or have not been engaged in Wikimedia , consider partnering with a local Wikimedia affiliate. If you need help contacting please reach out to Alex Stinson astinson wikimedia org and Lusina Ferrante educacion wikimedia org ar.

If you have never run an editathon before, we recommend reviewing the the Programs and Events Dashboard training on editathons before developing the event.

Let us know by reporting your event in the table below.

We invite you to think about ways of overlapping with other campaigns, WikiProjects or programs. Please report the event pages with a special focus on Human Rights in the table as well!

Check out the resources below for running in person events to make sure you are ready to run the Editathon.

Create a local wiki event page using the best practice for your wiki or community.

Check the #OnWiki list of events above, and see if someone has generated the list for this event in ListeriaBot. If that list exists, consider creating the listeria lists with the instructions on the list page.

If you are running an event with a local partner, create a list of complementary topics for your context and add it to the event page. For more ideas, see the scope of the Youth List.


Communicate the event, and encourage people to participate using the resources we create on the Share subpage for the campaign.

Create a Programs and Events Dashboard event as part of the WikiForHumanRights Campaign. Choose an "EDIT-A-THON" format, and make sure to add editors from your event in the.

If you need help using the Programs and Events Dashboard, consider the instructions on Meta.

Tools to improve your Offline Events


If you have never run an offline editathon before or are looking for ways to improve your practice, consider taking the training at the Programs and Events Dashboard.

Working with Activists on Sensitive Topics


Human rights topics can be complicated to work on: they are both complex to write about and participants in events or activities may have strong emotional connections with the topics.

Wikimedia Argentina has been running events in several countries with activists working in Human Rights fields. They have developed a set of recommendations to keep in mind for your event:

English event kit for working with Human Rights activists.
Spanish event kit for working with Human Rights activists.

Privacy and Safety


Working in Human Rights it's also important to pay attention to the safety of participants. Activist participants may be taking risks by being public. If you are concerned about safety at your event and want to learn more, we recommend taking this training and using the resources available on Commons.

If you have incident reported at your event, please share it with the Wikimedia Foundation's Support and Safety team: ca

Let us know about your Offline Events


To add your item to the list edit this page

Wikipedia Language Event Page On-Wiki Coordinator Date and location Programs and Events Dashboard Event or other tracking
es.wikipedia Wiki Human Rights Edit-a-thon about Women and UN Human Rights Mechanisms Luisina Ferrante (Wikimedia Argentina) and Constanza Verón (Wikimedia Argentina) November 4th
Buenos Aires
Dashboard report
it.wikipedia WikiForHumanRights 2019 Edit-a-thon Camelia Boban on line Dashboard report
sv.wikipedia WikiForHumanRights 2019 Edit-a-thon Audrey Lebioda et al. 19 January
Dashboard Report
es.wikipedia Wiki Human Rights Edit-a-thon International Day dedicated to raising awareness about the AIDS pandemic Luisina Ferrante (Wikimedia Argentina) and Constanza Verón (Wikimedia Argentina) December 1st
Buenos Aires
Dashboard report
en.wikipedia Wiki Human Rights Edit-a-thon Uganda Sandra Aceng and Geoffrey Kateregga (Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda) January 2020
Dashboard report
id.wikipedia WikiLatih Aksi Kamisan [5], [6] Nadiantara et al. (Wikimedia Indonesia) January 18-19, 2020
Dashboard report
sw.wikipedia WikiForHumanRights Editathon in Tanzania Antoni Mtavangu, Ingo Koll
(Wikimedia Tanzania)
January 2020
Dar es Salaam
Dashboard Report 1 or Dashboard Report 2