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5 live weekly meetings about the 5 pilars for who want to participate in the project or simply want to have information about Wikimedia projects work at Literary Café in Rome

Mapping DaysEdit

Mapping days in OSM of female biographies from Wikipedia, using the MappiNA app, the Visual Notes category and the #wikidonne tag. We mapped Nilde Iotti, Artemisia Gentileschi, Flavia Giulia Elena, Maria Montessori, Ortensia, Anita Garibaldi and Beatrice Cenci biographies. The event was sponsored by the Roma Semplice Councilorship.

Commons uploadsEdit

We started to upload files in Public Domain or not covered by copyright: sheet music of operas, images considered not artistic and signature (text representation). Are very useful in case we have not free photos to use for the female biographies. We also request to professional photographers to release their photos in CC by SA.


Art + Feminism & Wikigap 2018Edit

Women profiles in WikibooksEdit

We created WikiDonne project in Wikibooks by starting to write female profiles from Lucania (written by students of High School of Arts in Potenza) and Veneto historical region.

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International ConferencesEdit

  • CEE Meeting 2018 - Lviv, October 13-15th, 2018. We presented a lightning talk about our User Group and our projects.



Wikidata birthdayEdit

We organized a talk about Wikidata during the Linux Day in Rieti, celebrating with a cake offered by Wikimedia Italy for the 6th Wikidata birthday.

Wikinews contestEdit

Using a grant received from Wikimedia Switzerland, we engaged both professional journalists and wikimedians and organized a Wikinews 2018 contest (still live).

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