The proposal is to create a Wiki site, called WikiConsumer, that enables people to register, comment and report on the performance of service providers; the rating being on things like customer service, ease of doing business, honesty and clarity of information, not just their functional ability.

This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Status of the proposal
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Technical requirements

Service providers would be classified into groups and could cover as broad or narrow a spectrum as required, from major retail business, to local businesses, trades and service organisations, Councils and local government services, financial institutions or banks, restaurants and hotels.

The basic structure would be very similar to something like WikiCamps - listing could be searched by group, function and geography and would provide the reader not just a list of options in their area, but also information on the performance and customer service of that entity. So if you are visiting an area on holiday and need to engage a service you have the ability to find the best one. If you move to a new area or country you have a way to find the best providers based on other consumers feedback. Or if you need to find a service in your own local area that perhaps you have no prior knowledge of you have a reference point for the providers and feedback on their performance.

The site would have the ability to report/rate good and bad performance, and therefore give users a repository for reference, but also enable businesses and providers to monitor their performance and (hopefully) improve accordingly. There would be the possibility to do a quick review - i.e. on a mobile device just rate a provider on 3 to 5 core categories - or you have the option to write a longer review and detail issues or pieces of exceptional service. The quick reviews would aggregate into a rating, the reviews history would be viewable.

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Tom Pritchard

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