WMSE-WMF joint initiative concerning GLAM communities of practice/Research

Building increased capacity for content partnerships

This page shows the research that informs and inspires the WMSE-WMF joint initiative concerning GLAM communities of practice.

2019-20: Stakeholder consultations edit

2019-20: Research on current GLAM-Wiki activities edit

  • International GLAM Indicators Research
  • Regional Deep Dives

2019-20: Research on past GLAM-Wiki activities and technology edit

Dataset of past GLAM-Wiki collaborations edit

Tracked in Phabricator:
Task T237989
  • November 2019 till March 2020
  • Contact: Satdeep Gill
  • In this research project, we create a structured dataset of past documented GLAM-Wiki collaborations in the Wikimedia movement. This data will help to understand the diversity as well as the needs of GLAM-Wiki collaborations. This data is currently spread across various sources such as the GLAM Newsletter, Grant reports, Affiliate reports, Meta-Wiki etc.

Mapping existing tools and functionalities used in GLAM-Wiki work edit

  • September-October 2019
  • Contact: André Costa, Sandra Fauconnier
  • A spreadsheet of the current volunteer-built tools that support content partnerships in some way, in order to help with decisionmaking around technical development in this area.

Relevant earlier research edit

GLAM contributor personas based on the Supporting Commons contribution by GLAM institutions research project in 2017.