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03:33, 13 November 2019 (UTC)
Duration:  2019-11 – 2020-01

This page documents a research project in progress.
Information may be incomplete and change as the project progresses.
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This project collects data about past international GLAM-Wiki activities that have been publicly documented by the Wikimedia community: in the This Month in GLAM newsletter, in affiliate and project reports, and in various other on-wiki resources. While this research project primarily informs (and is part of) the WMSE-WMF joint initiative concerning GLAM communities of practice, the dataset it produces may be interesting to many others too.



Information about past GLAM-Wiki activities (roughly between 2010 and 2019) is being collected in a spreadsheet. This will lead to a general dataset that can then be analyzed by anyone, for instance, to discover patterns and gaps.

We will initially be looking at This Month in GLAM newsletter, as it is one of the most widely used mode of communication by the GLAM-Wiki community. In the first phase, we will be documenting activities reported in the newsletter until 2016.

In the second step, we will be complementing existing information or add new entries, from WMF Grant reports and Affiliate reports from 2016.[1]

In the last leg, we will once again research through This Month in GLAM newsletter, from 2011 to 2015.

Policy, Ethics and Human Subjects Research


The data collected in this research is based on already publicly available documentation related to GLAM-Wiki activities on various platforms.



You can access the spreadsheet here; feel free to leave comments in the document.


  1. The year, 2016, has been chosen a breaking point because it was the year during which the new (current) structure of WMF Grants was established.