WLAf 2015/Proposal by Nigeria

Proposal for Wiki Loves Africa in 2015

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Proposed NameEdit

WIKI Love Africa : NAIJA Fashion, Cultural Adornment Contest


Nigerians are very fashionable, asides been fashionable; Asides from sticking to our traditional means of dressing, Nigerians love to attend social events. In Lagos state alone, about four thousand parties are held every weekend with each party hosting between 500 to 1000 people. This amounts to about 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 people attending such social events weekly. These people dress in the traditional homogenous attires specially chosen for the event and popularly called ‘Aso-Ebi’. This goes a long way to show how vibrant the Nigerian fashion scene is, local designers are springing up every day, long-time designers are going international and fashion designs abound. At this year’s Wiki Loves Africa, we plan to showcase this vibrant-social part of Nigeria.

Measure of SuccessEdit

  • Number of Participants : 50
  • Number of Photo Uploaded 2500
  • Number of New Users: 50
  • Five Months after the event: 1000 photographs used on different WIKI projects

Proposed PartnersEdit

  • Media Partner: Channel TV and Punch Newspaper Nigeria
  • Corporate Partner: Goethe-Institut Nigeria
  • Creative Commons Nigeria

Local Support/ ParticipantsEdit

  • Wikipedians based in Nigeria
  • Local photographers
  • Fashion designers
  • Fashion enthusiasts
  • Oge-Ibile (www.ogeibile.com) Beads

Proposed Contest and Mode of Operation with dateEdit

  • 20th September 2015: Launching of the Contest to the Nigeria Community
  • 5th of October, 2015: Start of Contest
  • 5th of October , 2015 Selections of 5 or more Professional Photographers to be anchored by Goethe Institut, Nigeria
  • 6th & 7th October 2015 : Training Session on how to Upload Images using CC on Wikipedia and other Wikipedia Techniques; Selection of Jury will be decided too.
  • 10th- 15th October, 2015 The selected Photographers are expected to come up with collection of images that are suitable for the contest.
  • Stage 3: 17th October, 2015 Selection of the best Collections, Winner to receive Cash Award of 100 USD
  • Stage 4: 20th 25th October 2015, Uploading Images to Wikipedia

Core Team MembersEdit

List of expected Local PartnersEdit

Budget AnalysisEdit

  • Flyers(500pcs) 100 USD
  • Banner(2pcs) 100 USD
  • Tee-Shirt (Optional) subject to availability of Fund
  • Light Refreshment for 50 participants 300USD
  • Cash Reward to the best Photographer 100USD
  • Logistics 200 USD

Total Budget 800 USD
Olaniyan Olushola (talk) 22:01, 24 August 2015 (UTC)