Wiki Awareness Campaign in Nepal

What are we trying to accomplish with this campaign

  • Improve recognition of Wikimedia projects in Nepal
  • Engage new readers
  • Promote Wikimedia projects in Nepal
  • Promote different language wiki-communities of Nepal
  • Encourage people of Nepal to freely share in the sum of all knowledge


  • The Billboards Initiative: It focuses on installation of static and digital billboards around two different cities of Nepal, and sharing the project via social media sites.
  • The Calendar Initiative: It will be distributing Wiki-informative Calendars to the students of different universities and professionals.


Here is a rough schedule of WACN. This is subject to change.

Supporting Affiliates

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Organizational Partner

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Funded by

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Main article: WACN/Contact
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See also

  • New Readers: The New Readers program focuses on understanding and serving potential Wikimedia readers in countries where access to the internet is quickly growing.
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