Volunteer Supporters Network/Meeting 2015 04 12

Minutes Volunteer Supporters Network Skype Call - April 12, 2015



Participants: Muriel, Raimund, Andy, Veronika Krämer



Pages on Meta




Review of the Resources page

Andy: I'll centralize my essays and translate them Veronika: How to organize it when it gets too large?

Both pages are fine, we can go on with them. Andy can add some stuff, Veronika as well, especially in the "Materials" section. Raimund will search for additional resources "globally" at the "Resources". Muriel focusses on the "Conferences" page and will extend it. Everyone else is invited to contribute.

Andy will invite everyone to answer the questions on https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Andycyca/Scratchpad/Volunteer_support.

Presentation/panel at Wikimedia Conference

  • People: Raimund (responsible), Veronika (is on holidays the week before WMCON), Nahid (? - Raimund will contact him)
  • 45 min
  • Part presentation (15 min), part workshop/discussion.
  • What do people in the broader movement think about the VSN?
  • Raimund will share his thoughts about the session via the mailing-list.
  • Who else is interested in sharing something despite the fact that he/she can't be present at the conference?