Hui-tsiu ê sī-tîng hāng-bo̍k/Lô-bū Î-bîn

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Visibility Project

The Visibility Project is one of our drives to improve the visibility of African Women and increase the number of female contributors on Wikipedia.


African Women in Media (AWIM), with support from African Union (AU), International Labour Organizatin, UN Migration and Sverige Sweden in collaboration with Wikimedia affiliates in Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroon, and, Uganda are working on improving the visibility of notable African women and related content within the space of Labour Migration in Africa. The training runs over three weeks. Week one will focus on live webinars training taken trainees to various aspects of the development of Wikipedia pages with a higher chance of approval by Wikipedia. During weeks two-three, trainees will be split into small groups and assigned a mentor that will guide their development of Wikipedia articles and profiles relevant to Labour Migration in Africa. A dashboard will be created to track all activities of the project.

Uikimitia Hū-siok kong-si

Wikimedia User Group Nigeria (WUGN) is one of over 165 international affiliates of Wikimedia Foundation Inc, headquartered at San Francisco, United States of America. It was registered as Wikimedia Nigeria Foundation Inc. as a non-profit organization in Nigeria with the aims of promoting open license initiatives in Nigeria through the promotion of Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda is a team of self-motivated individuals who volunteer to facilitate the creation and improvement of Ugandan content on Wikimedia Foundation project websites and promote free and open access to knowledge locally. The team also invests in projects that sensitize and train communities about Wikipedia and its sister projects.

Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group is a Wikimedia User Group (UG) that has the goal of supporting Wikimedia projects in Cameroon, supporting Cameroonian Wikimedians, and becoming the recognised chapter in Cameroon.

The Algerian Wikimedians User Group (also known as WikiDZ) is a local user group officially recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation. Its mission is to promote Wiki projects in Algeria. Mainly to help and encourage people to collect, develop and disseminate knowledge and other educational, cultural and historical content under free licenses that allow everyone to freely use human knowledge.

Kang-tsok Huān-uî

  • Webinar Session: Five (5) online Wikipedia hands-on training will focus on different areas of the Wikipedia module. Details of focused areas are listed in the table above.
  • Virtual Mentoring Class: The mentoring class will be hosted via a communication platform e.g Whatsapp, Telegram, or any other popular communication platform. The class will coordinate the engagement of activities between mentors and mentees.
  • Editathon We plan a 5-day writing competition on Labour Migration in Africa. The competition will focus on African Women in the Workforce in Africa and Diaspora.

Hāng-bo̍k Sî-kan-pió/ Kang-tsok Kè-uē

Ua̍h-tāng Kū-thé Ua̍h-tāng Sî-kan-suànn Ī-kî kiat-kó Phîng-lūn
Tsū-ngóo tsiat-tsàu
  • Collation of Resources Release of content under CC-BY-SA
  • Design and launch of Program dashboard for measuring Project metrics
  • Design of project landing page (Meta)
  • Translation of landing page (Meta) from English to Arabic and French
  • Registration of participants on and off-wiki.
  • Hoo-io̍k tsham-ú
  • Social media engagement (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
2020 10-gue̍h 30 - 11-gue̍h 9 We plan to recruit 100 participants for this training. The number will be divided into three classes: English, Arabic, and French.
Hiān-tiûnn Phuè-hùn
  • Basic Wikipedia Editing and How to Cite a Wikipedia Article
  • Wikimedia Commons: Licenses and the Use of Freely Licensed Images on Wikipedia
  • Tshòng-kiàn Uikipitia ia̍h-bīn ê Kang-tsok Liû-tîng
  • Uikipitia Pian-tsip ê Pī-bông-tuann
  • Application of Neutral Point of View (NPOV) on Wikipedia
2003-nî 11-gue̍h 10 – 15 The Virtual Training will take place concurrently in English, Arabic and French and it will focus on basic modules on Wikipedia (hands-on) Duration (2hrs) per Webinar session. Each session will be recorded and make available before the next session on the landing page
Su-tôo Pan-kip
  • Attending to feedbacks resulting from the virtual training
  • Hun-phuè hōo ha̍k-sing ê tsok-gia̍p
  • Bûn-tsiunn tui-tsong
  • Review and correction of articles before publishing to avoid harassment of newbies on-wiki and speedy deletion of articles
2003-nî 11-gue̍h 16 The following modules are expected to be covered:
  • Wikipedia Essentials
  • Editing Basic
  • Evaluating Article and Sources
  • Sandbox and Mainspace
  • Sources and Citation
  • Plagiarism + Copyright Violation
  • Editing Journalism Tools
  • Contributing Images and Media Files
  • New editors to create their account before the event (if it has not been earlier created)
  • Assign an event creator for the event
  • Participants to sign up to the event dashboard
  • Revision of all submitted names to confirm their notability status.
  • Participants are assigned with names that satisfy Wikipedia's notability guidelines
  • Articles review by a mentor before publication
24 – 31 November 2020
  • At least over 50 articles about African women within the space of Labour Migration in Africa will be created on Wikipedia
  • At least over 30 participants will become Wikipedian editors

Resources for Self-pace Training

Webinar Sessions by community

Webinar Sessions for the English Community

S/n Gī-tîng Ji̍t-kî Sî-kan (WAT) Hia̍p-tiau-jîn Sī-pîn liân-kiat
1 Work-Flow of Creating Wikipedia page 16 November 2020 2pm-4pm Ayokanmi Oyeyemi
2 Five Pillars of Wikipedia and The Cheatsheet of Wikipedia Editing 17 November 2020 2pm-4pm Sam Oyeyele
3 Application of Neutral Point of View in a Wikipedia article (NPOV) 18 November 2020 2pm-4pm Olaniyan Olushola
4 Basic Wikipedia Editing and How to Cite a Wikipedia Article 19 November 2020 2pm-4pm Uzoma Ozurumba
5 Wikimedia Commons: Licenses and the Use of Freely Licensed Images on Wikipedia 20 November 2020 2pm-4pm Isaac Olatunde

Webinar Sessions for the Arabic Community

S/n Gī-tîng Ji̍t-kî Sî-kan (UTC) Hia̍p-tiau-jîn Tuto Video links1 Tuto Video links2
1 History and how Wikipedia works / How to create an account on Wikipedia 16 November 2020 17h to 19h B. Mekkia / bachounda M
2 Five Pillars of Wikipedia / Interface Article 17 November 2020 17h to 19h B. Mekkia / bachounda M
3 Editing tools in Wikipedia / Basic Wikipedia Editing 18 November 2020 17h to 19h B. Mekkia / bachounda M
4 How to Cite a Wikipedia Article /What is the meaning of the source? 19 November 2020 17h to 19h B. Mekkia / bachounda M
5 Wikimedia Commons: Licenses and the Use of Freely Licensed Images on Wikipedia 20 November 2020 17h to 19h B. Mekkia / bachounda M

Huat-gí Siā-khu Bāng-lōo Gián-thó-huē

Huat-gí Siā-khu
S/n Gī-tîng Ji̍t-kî Sî-kan (UTC) Hia̍p-tiau-jîn Phîng-lūn
1 Présentation générale; Présentation de Wikipedia (les principes fondateurs) et ses projets frères; Création de comptes et la page utilisateur 16 Novembre 2020 15h-17h Georges Fodouop
2 Les critères de notabilité; Session pratique : Modifier un article, ajouter des sources 17 Novembre 2020 15h-17h Georges Fodouop
3 Création des catégories, sous catégories; Création d’infoBox; Découverte de Wikimedia Commons; Lier les catégories d’images aux articles Wikipedia 18 Novembre 2020 15h-17h Georges Fodouop – Minette Lontsie
4 Introduction à WikiData et la création d’entrées WikiData (Article et image) 19 Novembre 2020 15h-17h Georges Fodouop
5 Création des articles 20 Novembre 2020 15h-17h Minette Lontsie

Hú-tō Pan-kip

Suat-bîng bûn-jī
S/n Pan-pia̍t Tò-su Gî-piáu puânn Phîng-lūn
1 Alapik-gí Bachounda
Virtual Class
2 Ing-gí Kaizenify
Virtual Class
3 Huat-gí Geugeor
Virtual Class

List of remarkable Africa women operating within the space of Labour Migration in Africa

This paragraph serves as a point for showcasing names of East African women (alive or dead) that have done tremendous things in their chosen profession by community.

Ing-gí Siā-khu

S/n Bûn-tsiunn Project Tsì-gia̍p Citizenship Sìng-pia̍t Thinn-ka kàu Uikipitia ê sû-luī Tsham-khó bûn-hiàn
1 Agnes Igoye Ugandan Female
2 Fatou Jagne Gambia Female
3 Reda Shoukry Egyptian Female
4 Sophie Otiende Kenyan Female
5 Vanaja Jasphine Cameroonian Female
6 Amina Oufroukhi Moroccan Female

Alapik-gí Siā-khu

Sòo-jī Wikidata Miâ-jī Hāng-bo̍k Tsì-gia̍p Kok-tsi̍p Sìng-pia̍t Tshut-senn Sí-bông Thinn-ka kàu Uikipitia ê sû-luī Tsham-khó bûn-hiàn
1 Q2842631 Amel Bouakba Journalist Algerian Female
2 Q11908844 Baya Gacemi Journalist Algerian Female 1950 24/04/2010
3 Q55057972 Yusra al baker Journalist Sudanese Female 1992
4 Q3260197 Loubna Moussali Journalist Morrocan Female 06/11/1985
5 Q3325949 Mouna Hachim Journalist Morrocan Female oct-67
6 Q16148711 Atyaf Al Wazir Journalist yemenite Female
7 Q2375311 Naha Mint Seyyidi Journalist Mauritanian Female 1953

Huat-gí Siā-khu

S/n Bûn-tsiunn Hāng-bo̍k Tsì-gia̍p Kok-tsi̍p Sìng-pia̍t Thinn-ka kàu Uikipitia ê sû-luī Tsham-khó bûn-hiàn
1 Bwanga Pilipili Actress Congolese Female
2 Rosine Mbakam Film Director Cameroonian Female
3 Mireille Tchengang Football Player Cameroonian Female
4 Nabou Fall Entrepreneur/Author Senegalese Female
5 Farida Bemba Nabourema Activist Togolese Female
6 Waithera Kabiru Media Kenyan Female
7 Joyce Ashutantang Poet, ACtress Cameroonian Female
8 Patricia Monthe Entrepreneur Cameroonian Female
9 Sylvie Fofana Activist Ivorian Female
10 Florelle Manda Journalist Congolese Senegalese Female
11 Celine Fotso Media Cameroonian Female
12 Suzanne BELLNOUN Labour Migration Activist Female
13 Rita Bissoonauth Activist Mauritius Female
14 Nathalie Yamb Politician Cameroonian – Ivorian Female
15 Maximilienne C. Ngombe Activist Female
16 Constance Ejuma Actress and Producer Cameroonian Female
17 Iselle Akwoue Entrepreneur Gabon Female
18 Gertrude NGO KALDJOP Politician Cameroonian Female
19 Sophy Aida Media Cameroonian Female
20 Reine Dominique Ntone Siké Aerospace Engineer Cameroonian Female
21 Candace Nkoth Bisseck Entrepreneur/activist Cameroonian Female
22 IMIGRAD Migration Organisation Malian Organisation
23 OFAD – Organisation des Femmes Africaines de la Diaspora Diaspora Women organisation Cameroonian Organisation
24 SMIC NGO Cameroonian Organisation working on Migration
25 Charlotte Ntamack Actress, storyteller, humorist, columnist Cameroonian Female
26 Margaret Fombe Fube Film Director Cameroonian Female
27 Jocelyne Constant Film Director Cameroonian Female
28 Isabella Maya Actress, comedian, humorist, producer, director, screenwriter, drama and improv teacher Ivorian – French Female

Kin-kù Iōng-tsiá miâ-jī lia̍t-tshut ê tsham-ú-tsiá miâ-tuann

Alapik-gí Siā-khu

Ing-gí Siā-khu

Huat-gí Siā-khu

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