I was a 15-year-old user of fa.Wiki.
The checkusers of fa.wikipedia have wrongly blocked my account forever. I am banned and even not allowed to defend myself or ask for the reason of the usercheck. They claim I, as a 15-year-old account, am a puppet of another user (a 4-year-old account). No evidence, no diff has been provided by the checkusers or stewards and there are lots of vague points in this case.

  • Why my IP address has been checked ?
  • Why don't they let me talk by removing my talk page access?
  • One time they say I am a puppet of the 3 other accounts, and the other time they claim the other accounts are my puppets!
  • They even banned my IP when I tried to publish a text on my talk page in order to contact with one of the other puppet account.
  • They have ignored my suggestion that one of the old fa.wiki 'crats can help with proving I am a real person separated from the other accounts.

@Amin(امین): @Rskhshe sefid:

Please someone check what is going on there, in fa.wikipedia .... sen (talk) 21:07, 12 November 2020 (UTC)