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Hi wikifriend,

First I must say welcome.

Your user page has a name like this: User:Example. Its normal use is to give basic information, if you wish, about yourself or your Wikimedia-related activities. Although it helps other users know more about you, you don't have to say anything about yourself. You may wish to create a user page on Meta so that it will display on all Wikimedia projects where you have not created a local user page. You may click my username to see what is obtainable. (I'll love to know the inspiration behind your username though)

I'm a 21 year old human. You could drop me a message on my talk page or Wiki mail me for any questions or issues around Wikipedia. I could gladly adopt you. You may also get help from the rich resources here and here as well.

Danidamiobi (talk) 11:27, 23 June 2018 (UTC)Reply

IP Block for Open Proxy


I'm a volunteer editor and coordinator for a running wiki project, but got an IP block due to open proxy from

Why is the rum always gone?



This user is no longer very active on this wiki as of October 2023.
About Me

Hello! Welcome to my User Page. I'm Operator873 and it's great to meet you. I'm do work on several projects and currently serve as a Wikimedia Steward, but my homewiki is the Simple English Wikipedia. If you're reading this, I assume you are curious about who I am. I am a veteran of the US Air Force and was Honorably Discharged after six years of service. Since then, I've worked in various law enforcement positions over the last 15 years. In 2018, I resigned and left the career field to pursue my dream: Information Technology. I now work as an Infrastructure Engineer/System Admin with one of the "Big 3" Cloud companies.

My focus on Simple English Wikipedia is countervandalism, anti-spam, content control, administrative upkeep, and Long Term Abuse investigations. You'll occasionally find me working on creating, simplifying, or improving articles; but I'll be the first to admit, this is not my strongest skill. I enjoy helping new users and explaining Wikipedia policies and procedures that are difficult to grasp.

On other wikis, I've formerly volunteered as an OTRS Agent, and on English Wikipedia, I currently work at ACC creating accounts. I'm quite active in the global effort against vandalism and spam as well. Off wiki, I develop bots and scripts that support on-wiki operations like Bot873 which is called GlobalSysBot on IRC. I've been doing a lot of work lately improving how StewardBot works too.

I have a bot that reports edits to my talk page so if you leave me a message there, I will respond quickly if I'm available. However, if you need assistance quickly, I'm always online and reachable via Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in the #wikipedia-simpleconnect or #wikimedia-stewardsconnect channels. My nick is Operator873 just like here on Wikipedia. If I'm away and unable to respond to your message, please feel free to ask anyone else in the channel. If you need to report an emergency, use the magic word: !admin@simplewiki in wikipedia-simple and @steward in wikimedia-stewards.

Have fun! Be kind! Be bold! And, whatever you do, don't bite the new editors!

If I reverted Your Edits

I do make mistakes, occasionally. If you disagree with the actions I took, ask me about it and I'll be happy to discuss it with you, if needed. I believe this action was inconsiderate and unnecessary, hence would tag it a mistake. I would love for it to be reverted ASAP as i don't think i went against any policy.

ReoMartins (talk) 11:57, 8 February 2023 (UTC)Reply