View it! September update & request for commentEdit

View it! Tool
View it! Tool Beta Testing Sept. 2022

Thank you for signing up to be a beta tester! We appreciate your interest and assistance with the development of View it!. Please install the beta script and start to see the results that View it! pulls. Our intention is to check in periodically and occasionally ask questions related to the current stages of development. However, please feel free to leave messages on the Discussion page at any time with comments or questions you have. To respond to the questions below, please visit the Discussion page's September response section. Thank you again!

Current questions:

  • You can view our test version with expanded search features at Please compare these search options with the existing default (which relies on a "custommatch"-based search query that combines "depicts" results and top-level category membership).
    1. What default behavior would you prefer when clicking the tool from the user script? (ex. "custommatch" vs. just P180, or something else)
    2. What are your opinions on which features to integrate from the Toolforge test and how? We are wondering if you like all of the existing ones, or not, or want others, if these are overkill and overcomplicate the search interface, if you'd rather see advanced search on a separate page, etc.
  • We are also thinking about the buttons and click behavior on the existing user script design.
    1. The View it! button currently exists in the top tab bar, next to "Talk". Do you prefer this placement, or another option (such as the leftmost sidebar, or another location).
    2. The button currently uses "View" in English. Do you have opinions on use of this wording? Is there another suggestion you prefer (such as "Images", "Media", etc.). Would you like an icon or not?
    3. When clicking on the tab from a wiki project, do you want Toolforge to open in the same browser tab or a new tab? When clicking an image within the Toolforge tool, do you want the Commons file page to open in that same browser tab or in a new tab?
  • If you have other feedback on any other aspect, please let us know! We are also happy to hear ideas about future development, such as planned editor tools.

JamieF (talk) 21:41, 11 September 2022 (UTC)

View it! updateEdit

View it! Tool
View it! Tool update Oct. 2022

Thank you for signing up for View it! updates!

As a reminder, you can view details about how to install the View it! user script or use the Toolforge tool on our meta page. Please use the talk page there to contact the team!

October UpdateEdit

September/October Happenings

  • View it! is now multilingual! We are currently working on tool localization. Please consider helping us!
  • View it! now has advanced search option on Toolforge, simply toggle on to enable searching with a different property constraint, free text, specific resolution, and quality assessment.
  • Advanced search allows for searching by Commons Categories which have an associated P373.
    • Commons Category search will also show sub-categories for more specific results.

Coming Soon

  • We are releasing a new version of View it! that will implement some of the Toolforge functionality into the on-Wiki experience.
  • We are thinking about ways for View it! results to show up on page as an image grid, gallery or other form, without leaving the page. Please let us know what your idea/preference is.
  • Integrating editor features such as the ability to add an image from View it! or remove a faulty statement.

Action to take

  • Share your thoughts with us about the interface! What would you like the final product to look like? Should it be on-wiki? Preference on location of the button/link? We are open to ideas - please share them with us.
  • Install Beta script and see how it can used to add new images to articles.
  • All editors are invited to share the tool with their local wiki communities, or incorporate it into relevant local templates, such as infoboxes. If you do so, please let us know about it, so we can ensure backwards compatibility for that use case as we continue development!

JamieF (talk) 18:51, 2 November 2022 (UTC)