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Final break up of the Overview

Current name New name Applied? Description
Summary Summary   OK
Stays the same
This will be in place of Executive Summary
Important definitions [1] * Important definitions
* Key concepts
* Important concepts
* Important terms
* Terminology
* Important words
* Vocabulary
Stays the same
«Three important definitions» go here
Initiative * Evaluation initiative
* Background & Context
* Evaluation background
* Context
* About Evaluation
  OK PE&D initiative as well as training and evaluation pulse survey
Goals Goals   OK
Stays the same
Goals of the current report
Limitations Limitations   OK
Stays the same
Of the reporting
Reportability * Data access
* Reporting capacity [2]
* Reporting skills [2]
* Evaluation Acknowledgement
* Acknowledgements [3]
  OK Meaning the ability to report
The numbers in the grass *Reading guide
* How to read this report
* A guide to this report [4]
  OK How to read / interpret the data, the presentation style, etc. Some kind of guide


  1. I am ok with leaving this title as is (MC)
  2. a b Can we also use Report, instead of Reporting? (MC)
  3. I am not sure this is precisely accurate.
  4. These two options are pretty standard across reports.

List of contents for the Overview


Jaime, Edward:
I am going to list here the content we want to include in the Overview tab of Program Reports, based on what is currently proposed on Office, what we could take away (based on the last data collection), and what we could add. Please comment!

Note: Indicates section
Indicates link
Jaime, I don't remember why we made these into links when we drafted the report outline on Office. Will they remain links? MCruz (WMF) (talk)

  1. Introduction and background
  2. Three important definitions
  1. Program
  2. Program leader
  3. Program implementation
  1. Current Evaluation Initiative
  1. Community activities
  2. Program Evaluation Workshops
  3. First Round of Data Collection
  4. Evaluation Pulse Survey

↑ This first part could be an independent tab, «About»↑

  1. Wikimedia Programs: Evaluation Reports (beta) We don't need this title (MC)
  1. Purpose and goals →Can go up one level in title (MC)
  1. Overall Response Rates and Limitations
  1. Response Rate
  2. Data issues and limitations
  3. Data Collection
  1. Data and analysis
  1. Priority goal setting
  2. Inputs and participation
  1. Inputs →Can go up one level in title (MC)
  2. Participation →Can go up one level in title (MC)
  1. Content production and quality improvement
  1. Content production →Can go up one level in title (MC)
  2. Quality improvement →Can go up one level in title (MC)
  1. Recruitment and retention
  2. Replication and shared learning
  3. Reporting format and goals
  1. Next steps and recommendations (This one as well)
  1. Major needs
  2. Next steps for evaluation capacity building
  3. Next steps toward evaluating better assessment of quality and other common key outcomes including
  4. Next steps for identifying and experimenting with different program designs and implementation models
  5. Next steps toward return on investment analysis capability

↓ This last part could be incorporated in the new section «About» ↓

  1. Your guide to understanding the numbers, graphs and charts in this report
  1. The numbers: range and averages
  2. The graphs
  1. The team behind this report

What is the Overview and what it is not


Overview is its own report. It is not a summary. Overview needs to be broken into several tabs, that will be between Executive Summary and Programs.

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