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2010 Steward ElectionsEdit

I spoke with pathoschild on IRC a few minutes before starting this note and he said it is ok for me to vote as my two accounts combined do meet the requirements. The explanation for having two different primary accounts in the past year is found in the notes section of my ENWP user page. Please see jh0367's eligibility and delirious & lost's eligibility. A quick reference chart is available below.

I also have a special signature for these votes that contains both signatures (without the ~hugs~ being purple) with "delirious" linking to this here page and "jh" linking to my alternate account ENWP user page.

Cheers :D delirious & lost~hugs~ + jh0367~hugs~ 21:59, 6 February 2010 (UTC)

criteria project delirious & lost~hugs~ jh0367~hugs~ total satisfied by combining
has an account on Meta meta yes yes -  
has a global account SUL yes yes -  
bot flag (links for home wiki of enwp) all no no -  
have 600 edits before 01 November 2009 enwp 509 375 884  
SUL total edits before 01 November 2009 all 581 390 971  
have 50 edits between 01 August 2009 and 31 January 2010 enwp 1236 245 1481  
Eligibility satisfied all     -