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The proposal format for the opening of new languages has changed. So We had to submit a new proposal for the Ottoman Wikipedia. One of the new conditions for acceptance is participation of more than 5 users in editing effort, so your participation in creating and editing new articles would help.

Mehrdad 15:38, 7 December 2006 (UTC)



Hello Monobi, You should get a bot flag before running the bot on Turkish Wiktionary. I've requested a bot flag for you here. Please fill the bot infos and wait until end of the voting. -- Viki 18:19, 11 January 2008 (UTC)

Thanks, I'll stop it. Mønobi 18:32, 11 January 2008 (UTC)


ben de geldim.--Isaeler 13:33, 19 March 2008 (UTC)

Admin Nosferatü' madnesses and abuses in Turkishwikisource

Admin abuseEdit

Dear sir,

I am complaning about admin Nosferatü's madnesses and abuses in Turkishwikisource.

Dear Sir,

User:3210 was the oldest wikipedist in turkish wikisource and most hard worked user in Turkish Wikisource until when he was blocked by admin Nosferatu.

Admin Nosferatü blocked User:3210 that is the most active and most prudoctive users of turkish wikisource

I was blocked by admin Nosferatu when i had been a candidate for admin.

In turkish wikisource's admin Nosferatü case has some very important points:

Firstly: Nosferatü choosed by 4 votes and they are absent and inactive nowadays.

Secondly:Nosferatü is deleting all goood edits and articles. (such as tr:s:Ruh-ul Mesnevi works were deleted by him in one night. See:tr:s:Ruh-ul Mesnevi history )

Thirdly: The biggest [wikisource work : mesnevi] changed by Nosferatü to non-sense mesnevi work by him.

Fourthly:If you look at the [ Gazavat-ı Hayrettin Paşa deletions cases] you will see the admin Nosferatü abuses. Yes he deleted user pages without reson.

But he blocked User:3210 that is the most active and most prudoctive users of turkish wikisource . if you look at the statics of turkish wikisource you will see [this.] the most user of active wikipedists are blocked and deleted their user page by Nosferatü in the time of the candidancy of 3210 admin's election.

Sixly:Nosferatü blocked whoever he wants. Such as;

  • Gültozu were blocked by Nosferatü witout no reason. Gültozu just voted in admin election page contrast to Nosferatü vote.[1]

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