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Basic Wikipedia and help pages every Wikipedia should have

For a new or small Wikipedia language edition, it is difficult to build up a system of Wikipedia pages and help pages. Of course, you could simply translate from English Wikipedia, but its rules are often rather complicated and a huge amount of text. And sometimes they are not suitable for your language edition.

The following pages are a suggestion. Please take the issue of Wikipedia and help pages very serious, because they will prevent a lot of frustration, waste of time and unproductive discussions.

Generally, try not to split the information into too many single pages. Hopping from one page to another is more confusing than reading a thorough and well structured page dealing with a greater subject.

Wikipedia pages edit

Wikipedia pages tell your readers and contributors about the project itself.

Help pages edit

Help pages are directed to those who want to contribute.

  • Help:Registration, how to create an user account and why one should do this.
  • Help:Edit, how to create and edit an article.
  • Help:Pictures, what a contributor must know about using, uploading and integrating pictures.
  • Help:Glossary, a kind of dictionary about Wikipedia and internet culture jargon, saving a lot of searching time to your contributors.
  • Help:Language, indicating what standard variety will be used, how to deal with different spellings, which dictionary is recommended, how to type special characters. This is useful especially for languages with few standardization.
  • Help:Technical matters, about e.g. reporting a bug.
  • Help:Referencing, not only about the technique, but about the idea itself.

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