Bacely Yorobi is a young Ivorian WebActivist and Internet Strategist - Founder and CEO of SOCIALSPOT ( Startup a 2nd Dauphin of the first edition of Startup Weekend in Abidjan capital of his country Ivory Coast. He is the founder and Creative Executive Officer YojeDesign (group of coworkers), the Community Manager of the GDG Abidjan and Mozilla Reps Abidjan Ivory Coast. It is also a Tech-enthusiast passionate about development issues in Africa by ICT.He is a West African Coordinator to #WEBDAYS and initiator of GAMECAMP (International VIDEO GAME Barcamp) in Africa.Bacely has spoken at numerous conferences on Open Source and Free Software and other topics including DEMO Africa, Carrefour des Possibles, DzWebdays,GDG Barcamp Abidjan.

Bacely Yorobi , est un jeune Internet Strategist et WebActivist Ivoirien - Founder et CEO de SOCIALSPOT ( une Startup lauréate de la première Edition du Startup Weekend à Abidjan Capital de son pays la Côte d'ivoire. Il est le fondateur et Creative Executif Officer de YojeDesign (collectif de coworkers), le Community Manager du GDG Abidjan et Mozilla Reps Côte d'ivoire.C'est aussi un Tech-enthousiaste passionné par la problématique du développement de l'Afrique par les TIC.