I please to restore my sysop status in the russian Wikinews.

Leinad has incorrectly removed my sysop status in russian Wikinews. The status has been removed according to the voting. But I consider that the voting (Vote on "Wikinews:Forum") has been manipulated. Only three users have taken part in voting. Among them: User Ahonc has total only seven editings. Last two editings he has made on June, 26th 2008 and on April, 1st 2009. User Deevrod has made last editing on November, 14th 2008. After voting, these users also have not made any editing in russian Wikinews. Look hear: Contributions of Deevrod and Contributions of Ahonc. It means that these users have come to the project only to vote. But, actually they do not participate in the Wikinews. I have addressed to user Leinad on his discussion page, but he does not react. Ygrek in Russian Wikinews.