This is a secondary account, owned globally, by User:Whiteknight. Edits made by this account are to be indistinguishable from edits made by User:Whiteknight. I do not intend ever to use this account as an abusive sockpuppet, and if it ever appears to have been used that way it is a mistake.

I own this account for two reasons:

  1. Because the username "Whiteknight" is conflicted on en.wikipedia.
  2. Because I use this account as a bot on en.wikibooks (to avoid attaching a bot to my main account.

I do not intend to edit using this account here on meta. However, because of global login cookies and my name conflict on en.wikipedia, I sometimes come here logged in to the wrong account and don't notice until edits are made.

See User:Whiteknight for more information about me, and information about how to contact me.