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NameLim Zhi Hao, Winston (Chinese: 林治豪; pinyin: Lín Zhì Háo)
BornFormer name: Peh Zhi Hao (Chinese: 白治豪; pinyin: Bái Zhì Háo)

(1987-02-16) February 16, 1987 (age 34)

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English Wikipedian, Wikimedian, social services, space science, computer science, history of World War II, browsing Internet, go for a walk, listen mp3 pop music, computer games

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Hi, I'm SA 13 Bro and welcome to visit my user page. My gender is male, a Chinese descent from Singapore, an only child live with my mum. My home wiki is at English Wikipedia site, I sometimes will on Meta-Wiki site at here for patrolling the recent changes and do some certain Chinese language translation on the documentation pages. I'm busy at real life time and may not responding in swiftly, if you got any questions or topics want to inquire, you can leave me a message at my talk page or find me by clicking the user page of English Wikipedia link site at on top, thank you for regards. Face-smile.svg

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The stars in the space sky of Universe.

My name's Winston Lim Zhi Hao (former name was Peh Zhi Hao, former lifetime was Makiguchi, former lifetime birthday was on Gregorian 23 July, got 8 children 4 male and 4 female), my account name is "Singapore Amer. 13 Bro.". Religion is Shakyamuni-Great Nichiren Buddhism of Lotus Sutra (Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo). I'm only like cradle snatcher and I very retorting eld-male with young-female of love! I'm most adoring nation is the United States of America, because I most appreciate the U.S. former president Roosevelt during WWII, but I've no very good impression that a lot of bad behavior the U.S.A. have been!

我的名字叫Winston林治豪(前名是白治豪, 前世是牧口常三郎, 前世的生日是在阳历7月23日, 有8个孩子4男4女), 我的帐号名叫"新加坡美国13弟". 宗教信仰是释迦牟尼大日莲佛教的法华经(南无妙法莲华经-南妙好苓给芤). 我只喜欢姐弟恋而我非常反驳男大女小恋! 我最崇拜的国家是美利坚合众国, 因为我最欣赏的人是二战时期的美国前总统罗斯福, 但我对美国的许多不良行为是非常不好感!

My Wikipedia Japanese account is VolcanoExplosion, use for learning Japanese language in the future.
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