Welcome to the wiki page of a certified Librarian, Researcher and Literacy expert. My first name is Ayansewa.

I am the current University Librarian in one of the leading private universities in Nigeria.

I joined Wikipedia because its mission is to make knowledge available for free. This mission is in tandem with my career paths.

Ayansewa is the founder of Triplicate Solutions. Triplicate Solutions is a Small Scale Business Enterprise established to work in line with Goal-4 (Education for all) of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This is done through three pivots: Research, Library & Training.

I am mostly interested in those that fall into the categories of disadvantaged groups. These disadvantaged groups include those that are economically disadvantaged (those that could not afford quality education); educationally disadvantaged (those in insurgency States) as well as those that have one or two disabilities like dyslexia, deafie, etc.

I am interested in conducting research and engaging in wiki projects that can help to bridge the aforementioned gaps.

Please feel free to contact me: Twitter LinkedIn