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User:Trijnstel/What I look for in new stewards

Let me first say this is my personal opinion and not necessarily shared by the other stewards. Each year we look for new colleagues, but at the same time the number of candidates decreases. Those who get elected usually have experience in the anti-vandalism area or are active on multiple wikis. If not, well, then you're not elected.

I think that's not fair. These things are indeed a pre, though there are also other stuff I look for in new stewards. Such as:

  • Special language skills
    There is specifically a need for Asian or African stewards. Think of people from zhwiki (Chinese), arwiki (Arabic), jawiki (Japanese) and kowiki (Korean).
  • Technical skills
  • Communicative abilities
  • Female sex
    Mostly as I am currently the only female steward, and I know women approach cases differently than men.

Being a steward doesn't mean you only lock spambots or block IP addresses. You are also the last point of contact for the volunteers and the first of the WMF staff.

This does not mean you have no chance if you are a man and a native English speaker. Just give it a try if you want to help out and feel you would fit in our team. :)

Good luck, and looking forward to as many candidate stewards as possible, Trijnsteltalk 22:02, 18 January 2018 (UTC)