User:TolBot/Task 13

TolBot: Task 13
Status  Approved
Wiki w:en:
Summary Mass edits/actions
Page(s) Namespace (?): 0
Period as needed
Language Python
Supervision supervised

Requests for approval:

  • TolBot 13: Lowercase Southeast Asia administrative divisions
  • TolBot 13A: Lowercase tennis competition sub-event title
  • TolBot 13B: Create redirects for tennis competitions
  • TolBot 13C: Move sports tournament pages (lowercase)
  • TolBot 13D: Perform mass moves with consensus (general mass move approval under conditions)
    • Run 1: move sports tournament pages per RM (permalink)
    • Run 2: move biographies to remove comma before generational suffix per RM (permalink)
    • Run 3: move sports conference tournament pages per RM (permalink)
    • Run 4: move baseball tournament pages per RM (permalink)
    • Run 5: move softball tournament pages per RM (permalink)
  • TolBot 13E: Move Article Alerts archives
  • TolBot 13F: Create redirects for sports competitions