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4 w:en:  Approved Remove w:en:Template:Draft categories from mainspace articles weekly
5 x  Approved Update COVID-19 pandemic data daily
7 d:  Filed Create items for taxa based on data from GBIF manual
8 w:en:  Unapproved Update drive leaderboards daily
9 w:en:  Approved Notify users when a page is addded to category daily
Inactive tasks
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1 w:en:  Approved Update w:en:Template:COVID-19 vaccination data daily
2 w:en:  Withdrawn Warn new users who have edited without an edit summary continuous
3 w:en:  Approved Transclude template to noindex old WikiProject Spam reports one-time
6 w:en:  Withdrawn Add and cleanup w:en:Template:Taxonbar weekly