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User:Unknown UserEdit

User Unknown User
Real name Averag E. Wikipedian
Location the reflection on your monitor screen, because I´m in all of us
Age younger than my appearance
User page(s) all the userpages
Wikimedia participant since I was there forever
Projects in which I participate Active on all projects and languages.
Languages in which I participate Fluent in all languages I do not know
Link to user contribution pages Steinlaus
My candidate statement I am the unknown user, the one everybody knows. The edits, you had to remove, because the whole content was nonsense or simply wrong, the extreme long statements which never cover the topic of the discussion, the guy, who called you a brainless looser, the vandal, who undoes every edit containing any form of doubt on the humanity of Hitler and Stalin, the only editor ever, who used 5000 sockpuppets at the same time. That´s me!!! You know me, we have already met.

I am the one who formed the organization of the wikimedia projects, becuse without me, there would be no need for administrators or other people trying to prevent wikipedia from being a disaster. I am the founder of Wikistupid.

If you elect me, there will be a new age for all Wikimedia projects. I know new methods of fundraising (do they play poker or blackjack in Florida?) and will reduce costs (why do employees have to get paid?). I will introduce brand new technics (Project Abacus 2010) and make the Wikimedia brand well known (for corruption and mismanagement). I will protect Wikipedia against an excess of adds (adds have to be limited to an amount of 99% of a page). Wikipedia will be a better place, because as a member of the board I will not have time to edit.

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Unknown User/questions