Ecovillage living is my way of enjoying life. I helped co-creating quite a few of them (about 40 since early 1990'), and always lived in such intentional communities, between Switzerland and Brasil.

I love wikipedia governance, spirit, miracles :-)

I'm not a regular contributor in Wikimedia-based projects, but I wrote some books in French using mediawiki webplatforms. One of these books is an anthology on netizenship Citoyens du net under CC-BY-SA, with over 100 articles trying to simplify information society, helped and supported by inspiring people such as Richard Stallman (founder of GNU) and Julian Assange from Wikileaks, and an anthology of ecoliving named Ecopol.

Co-founder and chair of Ynternet.org for netizenship. Curator and licensee of TEDxGeneva

More ? Here some links about what media wrote about my contributions to society.