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Parthiv Menon
Tech contributor to wiki projects
"Impossible is just an opinion"

About me

I am Parthiv, a 21 year old born and brought up in Kerala. I had a childhood filled with a generous mix of four languages—Malayalam, English, Hindi, and Gujarati. I spend my time reading, sketching, playing sports, and enjoying the outdoors. I'm passionate about anything that involves creativity and absolutely love brainstorming project ideas—most of which never see the light of day ever.

Currently, I am a graduate student of MS CS at Northeastern University. Formerly, I worked as an independent contractor with the WMF.

Also, I love puns—especially ones that are pun-ishingly bad.

My work

I call Wikisource my home project. I worked primarily on integrating Transkribus as a third OCR engine into Wikisource. Additionally, I was involved with creating documentation for the same and conducting Wikisource Community Meetings every month.

On a voluntary basis, I have contributed to other projects like WSContest, BUB2, WSExport, and others.

I am currently a mentor for the BUB2 project for the December 2023 cohort of Outreachy.

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