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I am thinking about shopping for a new Wiki farm, with something that hasn't got such a steep learning curve, or where the tools are a little more intuitive. Further, having revenue come my way for once wouldn't hurt either. So why exactly is Squidoo mis-categorized as an educational site rather than a Wiki farm? And why is there no mention of revenue sharing? See Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. Knol for a better idea of what's going on outside the French castle. --TheLastWordSword (talk) 17:36, 10 December 2010 (UTC)

Industry Standard Userpage NavBox (prototype)Edit

My Personal Wikia Userpage

My Wikipedia Userpage

My Meta-Wiki Userpage

My Japanese Wikipedia Userpage

My Runescapeclans Wikia Userpage

My Runescape Wikia Userpage

My Rochester, NY Police Department Wiki Userpage

My Government Transparency Wiki Userpage





End NavBoxEdit

Recipe -- Find a that you are most at home with, then create a NavBox. Add your new Userpage to the list there, then copy and paste it (in source code) whenever you join a new Wikia, directly to your new Userpage. Inventive, huh? :)

(テキスト) <"text", as in bold or italic>

There is a scary box STILL trying to stare me down. I am trying to create my userpage in WikiMedia. Tell me I didn't screw something up. I was customizing my account and followed a link here. Please don't beat me with a cat. This "newbs' introduction" to Wikimedia is becoming increasingly ironic, isn't it? ;)


How to map Wiki page-spaces?

Wikia Systems, Ignorance, and Control

Map: A new Wiki tool.
My attempt to Map: some of the other tools used by a Wikia has met with less-than-stunning success. I suspect I need to learn and make more use of transclusions, but it's not at all clear that this will entirely fix the problem either. The next step is to Map: the content pages, in an attempt to demonstrate its utility there, something I feel more confidence in, at least in terms of execution.

I just hate hand-grepping page navigation. I'm sorry if this is inconvenient, but I'll be placing links here until I master Wiki-code/syntax/whatever and rules/guidelines/etiquette/spelling. I will be especially focusing on images and their proper use, in WikiCommons and Wikias. For instance, I just thought of using WikiCommons for Runescape screenshots, but as they fall under the "Fair Use" doctrine, they cannot be uploaded there. Glad I looked up the rules. =) Less page-grepping = more and better research.

The Only Help You'll Ever Need. I hope.

The Runescape Wiki

My RSWiki Userpage.

My RSW Screenshots page.

Photo Share Wiki One of the places I can upload Fair Use images? I may have them mis-labelled as to Copy-left/Fair-Use however. I need to borrow a Fair-use template and ask many questions, before the you-know-what hits the you-know-where. I may end up having to put all my Fair-use images on Photobucket. Good news/Bad-news.

I have begun a test case for a brand-new initiative, which I am tentively calling "Crystal6". It seems there are already Wikis forming around jurisdictions, but without an emphasis on sifting through public data for implications and inconsistencies. I imagine that such an approach might be helpful and popular in my area. (Monroe County / Rochester, NY).

I have a second test-case running, "Phillip A. Batz Wiki". The idea of a personal knowledge base is to accept suggestions as to content to be included, and solicit more-informed opinions from the public at large. (Mainspace protected, but all discussion areas open as per normal Wiki.) Note that this is a multi-lateral process: if I have persons contributing to my PKB, then I must, in good faith, try to contribute to theirs as well. NPOV and NOR standards would be relaxed, as not all human experience has been documented, and this would form an incubator for the development of a team to document subjects, collaborate, and form a NPOV+/NOR+ Wiki or Wikipedia article.

Comments? Hit my talk page. Hard.

Created Rochester Police Department, Rochester, NY Wiki and have left all but the top page open. Still alot to be done, but following the "One Good Thing" rule.

I have created a personal Wiki, as:

  • a central repository for technical data concerning establishing Wikias
  • a means of gathering td from all scattered locations, to one place, for (local) compilation
  • an example/seed of personal Wikias as autonomous zones
  • an example of a launch point for ad-hocracy wikis (like CLAMP?) or WP portal fan/expert sites
  • a way to informally store working/restoration data for other wiki systems

none of which may actually be necessary, but create a sense of confidence, esp. for newbs like me ;)

My modal IP(s):

-- 13:41, 29 October 2010 (UTC)