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This page contains the Simplified Chinese language file for the Whatredirectshere tool.

If you would like to create or request a new localization, please see User:Tangotango/Whatredirectshere#Localizations.

Please note: Localizations are not automatically updated due to security reasons. Please contact Tangotango if you make any changes. Thanks!

$lang['wrh_intro'] = '


  • 现在查询变快了,而不是鹅行鸭步
  • 查询英文维基百科可能得到假的结果。
  • 如果你得到一对无意义的资料或需要帮助,请联系<a href="">Tangotango</a>。
  • 这里有关于这个工具的<a href="wrhplugin.php">Mozilla插件</a>下载。
'; $lang['wrh_title'] = '标题:'; $lang['wrh_database'] = '维基:'; $lang['wrh_wiki-text'] = '显示成代码:'; $lang['wrh_find_redirects'] = '查找重定向'; $lang['wrh_no_redirects'] = '看来没有其他页面重定向至此页面。'; $lang['wrh_following_redirect'] = '以下页面重定向至%s:'; $lang['wrh_directions'] = '请输入有效值并点击查找重定向。';