This page contains the English language file for the Whatredirectshere tool.

If you would like to create or request a new localization, please see User:Tangotango/Whatredirectshere#Localizations.

Please note: Localizations are not automatically updated due to security reasons. Please contact Tangotango if you make any changes. Thanks!

$lang['wrh_intro'] = '

This tool finds out which pages redirect to a given page.

  • This query is slow much faster now!
  • Queries for the English Wikipedia may return bogus results.
  • Please contact <a href="">Tangotango</a> if you see any anomalies with the data returned, or if you need help.
  • This tool is also available as a <a href="wrhplugin.php">Mozilla plugin</a>.
'; $lang['wrh_title'] = 'Title:'; $lang['wrh_database'] = 'Wiki:'; $lang['wrh_wiki-text'] = 'Get wiki-text:'; $lang['wrh_find_redirects'] = 'Find redirects'; $lang['wrh_no_redirects'] = 'No pages appear to redirect to this page.'; $lang['wrh_following_redirect'] = 'The following pages redirect to %s:'; $lang['wrh_directions'] = 'Please enter valid values for all the fields and hit Find.';