This page contains the English language file for the Milestone tool.

If you would like to create or request a new localization, please see User:Tangotango/Milestone#Localizations.

Please note: Localizations are not automatically updated due to security reasons. Please contact Tangotango if you make any changes. Thanks!

$lang['mil_intro'] = '

This tool finds your nth edit.

  • Please do not overload the server. Mass queries are strictly prohibited.
  • To keep the server load down, we only allow searches for milestones of multiples of 500 for queries of over 2,000 edits.
  • This script does not return any data that is not already available via the User contributions feature of Wikimedia projects.
  • This script currently does not count deleted edits. This means that your milestones may change if pages you have edited get deleted or merged.
  • Please contact <a href="">Tangotango</a> if you need help, or if you see any anomalies with the data returned.
'; $lang['mil_miser'] = "Sorry, must be multiple of 500 in this range."; $lang['mil_nosuchuser'] = 'No such user found. Remember, your user name is case-sensitive; if you are on a wiki that capitalises the first letter of every title, be sure to do that here as well.'; $lang['mil_noeditcount'] = 'Unable to get editcount'; $lang['mil_results'] = 'Results'; $lang['mil_editnumber'] = "Edit number"; $lang['mil_datetime'] = "Date/Time"; $lang['mil_editsummary'] = "Edit summary"; $lang['mil_notenoughedits'] = "Can't fetch more than your number of edits. You have only %s edits."; $lang['mil_pagetitle'] = "Page title"; $lang['mil_minoredit'] = "Minor edit"; $lang['mil_instructions'] = "Please enter valid values for all the fields and hit Find milestone."; $lang['mil_username'] = "Username:"; $lang['mil_wiki'] = "Wiki:"; $lang['mil_milestone'] = "Milestone:"; $lang['mil_findmilestone'] = "Find milestone";