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This user, under the aegis of the AIW's motto Conservata veritate ("With the preserved truth") fights for improvement, freedom and preservation of Wikipedia, until no knowledge would be lost as a result.

Association of Inclusionist Wikipedians
Association of Inclusionist Wikipedians

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These are in reverse chronological order of date of creation, except that derivative and related forms of words are listed as subordinate bullet points under the principal form.

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Only articles created by other users are included in this list. The date is when I most recently added an attestation.

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  • Edgy (2017-11-09; subsequently changed to a disambiguation page with a link to Wiktionary)

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My username is from the Mermaid of Warsaw, used on the Coat of arms of Warsaw. I'm not Polish; I just love the symbolism!

Design for Grand Coat of Arms of Warsaw ("Semper invicta")