User:Stevertigo/Meerkat mascot

Well, first it started out with this... (I forgot exactly what It looked like, and thought I was close.... wrong! I was on a roll, with sharpie in hand so I kept going... Meerkatmascotfull.png

But cute, anyway. So that was cut down to the simplified version File:Meerkatmascot.png

And further... File:Meerkatmascot1.png

Well, after looking at a pic again, I decided that the head was the only thing really wrong... So here I took a real photo of the web, liquified it in tofushop, and filtered it out to b&w to more or less look like ink.. File:Meerkatmascot1b.png And the full version, which I did second... pasting the above into this one and trimming... File:Meerkatmascotfullb.png

So heres a small version of the final... Meerkatmascot1small.png

And a med version: File:Meerkatmascotmed.png

And the small one of that File:Meerkatmascotmedsmall.png

Oh, and thats a gourd of Mate he's holding.  :) -Stevertigo