User:Snowolf/Wikimedia Conference 2017 OST 9

20170401 - What should our platform look like in 2030?Edit


We had a productive discussion about what priorities we can see now for what the future should hold for MediaWiki, which permits all of our projects to exist.

Media supportEdit

  • "Putting the media back in MediaWiki" - Discussed the need for first class support for multimedia content on our platform

Collaboration ToolsEdit

  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Visual Editor
    • Visual Editor should be fully supported in all languages and alphabets
    • Wikitext markup knowledge should no longer be required knowledge, but still an option for users
  • Better conflict resolution
    • Subparagraph conflict resolution
    • Conflict markers rather than before and after


  • Translation interface
    • It was widely agreed that the translation interface needs to be significantly reworked or replaced
    • Comments included treating the current interface as throwaway prototyping, finding a way of translating content without use of tags and generally improving the usability of the translation interface (mainly the original text portion)


  • We should not aim for mobile first, but we should have good, solid mobile support
  • We should have a truly responsive skin


  • Find a solution for the security problems caused by site-wide user edited Javascript
    • Possible solutions
      • Moving a lot to extensions
      • Lua modules or some other subset that can be better secured
  • Implementing Content Security Policy

Extensions, GadgetsEdit

  • Cross-wiki gadgets
  • Ensuring extensions break less often (for instance moving a lot of extensions to a more restricted subset)


  • As one of the key day to day problems of the projects, we could really use a dedicated engineer working on Spam tools

Non-Wikimedia MediaWikiEdit

  • Finally a good installation esperience for non-wikimedia wikis

Aging UIEdit

  • Participants voiced the need for a modern UI, but also noted that the look of interface conveys the seriousness of the projects and its encyclopedic nature