Original page at de:Benutzer:Didym/Schweizer Astronom, this has been copied, translated and expanded as the user is active crosswiki (tho the main wiki is dewiki).

Astrotroll (also known as Bluewin Troll, Astronomietroll and Schweizer Astronom-Swiss Astronomer) is a Swiss user who targets Astronomy articles crosswiki, generally changing their names or removing interwikis pointing to wikis/pages he disagrees with (ptwiki, trwiki and others). Some of his edits are supposedly productive on dewiki despite him engaging in repeated editwarring and personal attacks as preferred way to solve dispute. If blocked, he will switch to Open Proxies and keep going.

He edited in dewiki under the account (Tacuisses) which has no SUL and generally under his normal dynamic address, which should be globally blocked for 3+ days when spotted. Once blocked, he will invariably switch to open proxies that should be globally blocked pursuant to policy.

The user constantly switches IPs as seen here.

Note Note: Concerning the „Schweizer Astronom“ you should consider notes for sysops, because we do not necessarily consider him as „troll“ and his edits as disruptive on de-wp. (edit).

Stewards and global Sysops are requested not to revert the contributions of this user at the German language Wikipedia. If you're in doubt or you want to inform the German community about activities of the Schweizer Astronom, post a message to de:Wikipedia:Administratoren/Notizen, the Administrators' Noticeboard of the German language Wikipedia (it's no problem to write your message in English). On the other side, blocking the open proxy IP addresses used by himself are no problem. --Filzstift (talk) 19:43, 11 December 2012 (UTC)



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