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We believe in the potential of human relationships to achieve great things. We strive to make sure almost 80% of the world’s population living in Asia, Africa, Latam and the Middle East can also share in the sum of all knowledge.

The team


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Strategic Partnerships


With these types of potential new partnerships we will be better positioned to achieve our mission of expanding Wikimedia’s reach in the Global South. Local communities will be crucial to the success of these new initiatives and we hope to work with them to further our mission. These efforts will also require cross-functional work across the Wikimedia Foundation teams, specifically with Communications, Community Engagement and Product, to amplify the positive results of these efforts. We will pilot many of these initiatives and manage our resources and expectations accordingly.


We will be looking to build partnerships with government entities that are keen on promoting educational and open-source projects. We will collaborate with Ministries of Education, Technology, and ICT to increase Wikipedia’s footprint across our regions.

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Mission aligned local nonprofits and UN organizations that have the potential to help us increase reach will also be approached by our regional managers. Many of these organizations already have successful and mature projects that we would highly benefit from.

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Educational institutions

Wikipedia is a valuable tool for students and educators around the world. We believe we can leverage our existing mobile partnerships to support schools and universities have adopted technology.

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Private sector

We believe there are great opportunities for us to partner with mission and values aligned companies, through their corporate social responsibility programs (CSR), where we can jointly work in bringing Wikimedia projects to more and more people in the world.

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Wikipedia Zero

This program was the first partnership managed by Global Reach team.

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How to contact us




Phone surveys: We've done phone surveys to learn more about awareness of Wikipedia and how people use the internet. These surveys are unique in that they reach the general population and not just our users. We've been doing mobile phone surveys to learn more about awareness and usage of Wikipedia and how people use the internet. These surveys are unique in that they reach the general population of a surveyed country and not only Wikipedia users.

Find our results for the Egypt, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, and India surveys here